How to Win Personal Branding Gold with Press Releases


How to Win Personal Branding Gold with Press Releases

If you—like millions of others around the world—have tuned into this year’s Summer Games in Rio, then you may have noticed the intricate, artistic sculpture encasing the official cauldron. Ever since its lighting at the opening ceremony on Aug. 5th, it’s exploded in popularity and become a centerpiece of the Games.

A center of attraction for thousands of visitors and residents in downtown Rio de Janeiro, the kinetic sculpture, created by American artist Anthony Howe, spans 40 feet in diameter and was designed to amplify the modest-size cauldron of the Games.

In a press release issued just two days before the opening ceremony, the announcement was made that Howe had been chosen to commission the cauldron, which he created “to replicate the sun, using movement to mimic its pulsing energy and reflection of light.”

The release, which tells Howe’s story and showcases other pieces of work, does a great job of setting the stage prior to the opening ceremony.

Furthermore, it shows how press releases can be used not only for distributing company news, but also as a personal branding tool.

We all have a personal brand, and if you are an independent business owner, oftentimes your personal brand is your business.

You have to seek out ways to drive new audiences back to your owned channels, and press releases can help. Similar to personnel announcements at larger companies, a well-written press release that offers a glimpse into your personality and value can pique the interest of influencers and potential customers.

Take inspiration from Howe’s release with these three tips for writing a personal branding press release that captivates audiences.

Draw people into your story with an engaging news angle.

In this particular case, Howe had an incredibly newsworthy angle to focus on, as so many around the world have been watching the much-anticipated Rio Games.

However, you don’t necessarily need an Olympic-size news angle to sell your story and build your personal brand. Take advantage of getting involved in local events in your area. Also, consider your core audience and what information is relevant to them.

Most of the time, it’s not about getting recognition from all around the world, but rather from those who would be potential buyers of your products and services.

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