How to Turn a Negative Perception Issue into an Opportunity


How the Entertainment Software Association’s “Game Generation” campaign helped the gaming industry shift the public narrative around video games.



Meghan Madhavan

Acting as the voice and advocate for the U.S. video game industry, the Entertainment Software Association represents a sector that generates over $41.5 billion in revenue each year domestically—outpacing even music sales and movie box office.

With over three billion gamers worldwide, the industry connects audiences across cultures, ages and gender in the fastest growing segment of entertainment.  In the U.S. alone, there are over 214 million video game players. Sixty-four percent of adults and 70 percent of children under 18 play video games. Women and girls make up about half (41 percent) of players. Nearly 80 percent of all players are 18 or older.

But the video game industry also has its detractors. There are concerns about addiction. Parents worry about excessive screen time for kids and the violence depicted in many games. The World Health Organization even compared video games to other forms of addiction.

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