How to Spice Up Your Virtual Meetings


How to spice up your virtual meetings


A comms exec with extensive experience managing remote teams suggests a bold makeover for tedious Zooms.

Curtis Sparrer, Principal, Bospar

Online meetings can be dry.

I should know: my PR agency Bospar has been a remote, work-from-home agency since we launched at the start of 2015. While PRovoke declared our model “prescient” at the height of the lockdown, they didn’t reveal what I’ve always known: Online meetings never really stray from getting business done.  While that’s great for clients, it’s a killer for parties of the virtual variety.

But tech people won’t let technology get in the way of a good time.

Life of a (virtual) party

Consider Kevin, the frequent subject of a column about our new virtual reality from tech industry outlet ZDNet. In one such episode, Kevin hosts his birthday party on Zoom during the height of the lockdown: I went to a 50-person Zoom party and I may never recover.

The article detailed the moment when Kevin programmed around Zoom’s shortcomings:

Thankfully Kevin and his husband Donal had thought through some of the technology’s limitations. So they’d organized the evening as if it was a variety show.

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