How to Optimize Your Press Release for Google

Jill KurtzBy Jill Kurtz, Owner, Kurtz Digital Strategy

Is optimizing the visibility of your press release on search engines a goal for your press release? It’s a worthy goal to consider, as coming up in relevant search results has the potential to expand you reach beyond a media distribution list. Most people get their news mainly online.

Here are the basics on how to maximize the impact of a press release in Google search results. As you follow these tips, keep in mind that good writing is essential. Make sure your release says something worth reading.

Optimize the content that appears on search engine results pages (SERP).

  • Keep the release headline to 70 characters or fewer. Text beyond 70 characters will be cut off on the SERP.
  • The first sentence should be highly targeted, summarizing your content and using the most important keyword.

The inverted pyramid principle of writing, with the most important information at the top, is important for online searches too. The first paragraph of the release should be highly descriptive. It needs to tell the story you want to tell. Links in this area of the release demonstrate how your information connects with a larger context and will also improve search result ranking.

To find the right keywords and phrases for search engine optimization, start typing relevant works into Google. Keywords and phrases will be suggested to you. These are based on recent searches. Use the relevant words and phrases in the body of the release.

A good guideline is to include one link for every 100 words in the release. All links should be specific and highly relevant to the content of the press release.

Multimedia assets will also help search engine rank. Embed videos and images into the release when possible. Create your own image by turning a key quote from the release into an image. Be sure these assets have proper alt tags so that the search engine can properly index the content.

End your release with boilerplate language about the organization issuing the release. This portion should include links to the organization’s website and social media channels.

About the Author: Jill Kurtz founded Kurtz Digital Strategy to help clients see the communication potential of the newest trends and technologies. She is an expert at website strategy and redesign, social media planning, and developing exceptional content.[/author]