How to Make Your Vaccine Mandate Successful


How to Make Your Vaccine Mandate Successful - Ragan Communications


Follow this smart guidance to ensure your mandate messaging is on point, effective and persuasive.

Dr. Leilani Carver

In September, President Biden asked the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to enact a new rule that would require any company with over 100 employees to either mandate vaccinations or require weekly testing. So far, most of the large companies have supported this, with 80 percent of CFOs in a recent survey agreeing with Biden’s mandate. Many organizations, particularly in the healthcare and travel industries, have already gone ahead with their own mandates. Kaiser Permanente, for example, has suspended 2,200 employees who chose to remain unvaccinated out of approximately 216,000 total employees, and United Airline stands ready to terminate several hundred employees (a small fraction of their employee base) unless they get vaccinated by the company’s deadline.

Despite all this, it’s helpful to remember that there is still a fair amount of controversy over this issue. Worker-led protests against vaccine mandates continue in cities throughout the country, with some groups taking legal action to try and prevent organizations from enforcing their mandates. So, it is all the more important for organizations to use effective, constructive communication and messaging about their stance on vaccine mandates so as to minimize conflict and maximize compliance.

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