How to Get More Media Coverage (FREE TIP SHEET)

Did you know over 198 million people run ad blockers each month? What does that mean for your brand?

To put it quite simply, your audience is ignoring your messages. 71 Ways_TS_Ads_FINAL_300x250

So what can you do about it? Win over reporters’ attention and earn media coverage.

Our latest tip sheet, “71 Ways to Get Media Coverage,” will show you how to build influencer relationships, improve traditional and social pitching tactics, become a go-to source and more!

Here’s a quick glimpse at the types of tips you’ll find in our media coverage tip sheet:

1. Engage on Social to Build Rapport

The key to building a relationship lies in being genuine and authentic. Reporters know when you’re faking your outreach efforts.

Don’t just retweet a reporter’s recently promoted article. Comment to add value and make it clear that you actually read it.

While responding to hot-topic questions or sharing an outlet’s posts won’t result in automatic coverage, your outreach efforts will make a difference when a reporter recognizes your name out of their thousands of followers.

2. Produce Newsworthy Content

In the media, timing is everything. Approach your content calendar like a journalist. Focus on developing timely content that reflects current trends and industry-related topics.

Post new content on a regular basis. Reporters look at blogs that publish new content often and provide a new angle or perspective.

Also, turn to exclusive data or insider information to give your content an exclusive aspect. Look to create content that informs and educates your audience.

3. Leverage Your Media Database

Tap your media database to track industry trends, editorial calendars and media contact profiles.

Mark down lead times and deadlines of target outlets to help create your own editorial calendar.

Double check outlets’ policies and requirements and look to reporter’s profiles to get their personal pitching preferences.

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