How to Fix Routine Disruption Caused by Working from Home


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Each of us has faced routine tasks while working from home. Even the most interesting work can one day get bored and stop bringing joy. There may be several reasons for this, but the most popular is routine when tasks are similar to each other. They accumulate and turn into a routine, absorbing all working time. Often at this moment, a person stops seeing opportunities and makes impulsive decisions that regret. To get out of this situation without loss and avoid problems, you should heed the advice of experts.

A change of scenery

Any work should begin with rest. As long as you are in the daily routine, it is difficult for you to break away and look at the situation from the outside. Take a day off; do not make any decisions until then, hand over your tasks online to colleagues. It is necessary to leave home for a while, completely change the environment, and gain new experiences so that such work from home does not ruin your entire daily routine. Otherwise, it may cause you to lose focus. The obvious solution to this problem is to go to a co-working space instead of working from home. If you have space in your backyard then you can also get a general contractor and build a separate smaller unit there to transform into an office and give you the sense that you’re leaving the house to go to work.

Analyze the situation

So, you’ve changed the scene, and you’re probably not so negative anymore. This is a great time to analyze and develop a new format for your work. Do not rush to turn on the normal mode immediately after returning home. Set aside all questions, and devote your first working day to analyzing your activities. This is an essential task that is never enough time, but it will allow you to prevent a routine in the future. You can even seek to change your home office with cheap home office furnitures to give it a fresher look.

Audit your tasks

You need to write down all the tasks you face while working from home. Write whatever you can remember, no matter if it is managerial, executive, or representational functions, daily and occasional duties, large and very small tasks. It is most convenient to enter tasks directly into the table. You should have a list of everything you do at home. Now divide all the tasks into those that you enjoy doing and those that annoy you. Next, classify each task according to its importance and rank them in order of importance. Let’s say you have two lists of tasks: favorite and least favorite, and it became clear which of them are critical.


The reason for the routine of working at home most often begins with the fact that unloved duties begin to take more time. They accumulate, hang like a heavy burden, and do not allow you to switch to more interesting tasks. Your main goal at this stage is to free yourself from routine and unpleasant duties as much as possible, build a scheme for their implementation in such a way that they take as little of your resource as possible and you have free time for your professional development. Take a close look at the second list of unloved tasks and think about how you can redistribute them. Perhaps you have subordinates who are not yet able to fulfill them? It’s worth taking the time to train your people in that case. Maybe you know systems that will help automate these processes?

Keep developing

Divide the remaining time on the calendar between other tasks and for new interesting projects. Add variety to your workflow, and schedule your training from home. It can be learning new tools. There are enough online courses. You can also schedule regular attendance at online seminars and conferences of ​​expertise to help you learn about new trends and make useful professional connections. These activities and more can help as team-building exercises to build a better co-working relationship. Find out from the manager what he expects from you, what new projects he hatches, and how you can participate in them. Perhaps both of you will determine the vector of your development in the company and this will give you a new impetus and return your interest in the business. 

Final Words

Sometimes a person plunges into his problems so deeply that it is difficult to look at the situation on his own, analyze and figure it out. The situation seems hopeless, the coworking space does not help, and there is only one desire – to drop everything and write a letter of resignation remotely. Do not rush to drastic measures. Often this is not the right decision. In this case, it is better to seek help from professional consultants who will give competent recommendations on solving specific problems.

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