How to Expand Hiring in a New Business


How to Expand Hiring in a New Business

Ken Rogers, SEO Specialist

In the race for good employees, fledgling startups and new companies compete against larger companies armed with an army of HR and recruiters, powerful branding strategies in the labor market, and unlimited budgets. There is no doubt that there are still ways to develop the competitive advantages of a new company and use them to convince candidates to work with you. Here are some tips to help you improve your hiring skills:

Be honest in your requirements when expanding hiring

Employees of new companies must be flexible because, in the process of development, both the products and the company’s goals change. Explain this to your potential employees. You will experience significant turnover if you do not manage candidates’ expectations before you hire them. Overworked, unsuspecting new talented people will not be able to succeed if they have to adapt every two weeks to changing responsibilities.

To hire the most suitable member and the next strong leader for the team, say what you expect to receive immediately: how the employee needs to show up in the work that he will do. Candidates should be ready to work in a new company and even feel some excitement because such a business is constantly evolving and bringing variety to their daily duties. Unprepared beginners will remain dissatisfied and quickly burn out.

Build excellent relationships with all candidates

When you expand hiring you’re going to get a lot of applicants but you cannot hire all of them that come knocking on your door, although thanks to the benefits of globalization, you always have the opportunity to build a good relationship with each of them. As the new business hiring manager looks for exceptional, talented people, he needs to build a reputation for the company in the job market that everyone wants to work for. If a candidate does not fit your company’s goals, make up for the time spent on him by turning him into a brand advocate.

Encourage those candidates you have rejected to help you find other suitable employees. Reward them for being active: pay for referrals or participate in a job market search for them (suggest what can be corrected in the resume and how to improve the interview process, refer them to open vacancies in other companies). Who knows, maybe after some time they will return to you for an interview, having gained new skills. This way you can instill in them a growth mindset to keep advancing in their careers.

Make the benefits of working for you truly impressive

Never tempt a candidate with false promises of wealth in the nearest future. Offers of generous salaries today are more a myth than a reality. Rather, offer opportunities that will make the candidate happier, even if the salary level is lower.

Efficient and cost-effective baits that employees love mainly include the opportunity to take on new responsibilities, and personal development programs (lunch seminars with successful businesspersons; casual conversations with experts; weekly training).

Enlist the help of professionals

Any smart executive understands that he cannot do everything himself. Recruitment is a specific skill that develops with practice. So if you are running a new company and are desperate to find a unique specialist who will help you take your business to the next level, seek help from an HR company, fortunately with today’s benefits of globalization, this is not a big problem since they can help you hire on your budget.

Consult with friends who have hired staff positions (marketing, sales, and engineering) to better understand where to look for candidates, how to expand hiring, filter talented people, how to read resumes, what questions to ask, and how to make the final choice. Get a PR Agency to spread the word about your company and what exactly you’re looking for.

Complete the deal

The process of hiring a new employee does not end when the candidate accepts your offer. In the first week of work in the company, a newcomer should make sure that he likes you. Make the onboarding process comfortable for the new employee so that they feel confident in their new role and are inspired by the process. Offer opportunities for them to show their skills and personality.

Challenge new hires to fit easily into the organization, but do not overburden them on purpose to test how they perform under stress. When the opportunity arises, make new employees feel at home, give them what they need, break down barriers, and share resources and knowledge with them to help them become more successful. You will be surprised at the growth in hiring and what talented people can achieve when supported correctly from the beginning. 

Final Words

If you do not have a strong and dedicated team, you can say you do not have a new business. However, the process of hiring specialists is very complicated – from a screening of the candidate to an interview and ending with the final assessment. Therefore, experts in the field of SEO and e-commerce shared their experience in recruiting staff for you. How do you attract talented newcomers to a new company?

About the Author: Ken is an experienced SEO professional. He assists businesses in improving their search engine results by optimizing copy and landing pages, as well as conducting continual keyword research. He is also very skilled in researching and implementing content recommendations for organic SEO success.