How the Pandemic Highlighted Workers’ Financial Vulnerability



Tony Silber, Editorial Director, Ragan Communications

Beginning in March of last year, the global economy came close to shutting down as the COVID-19 virus swept across the world. In some sectors, it did effectively stop. Waves of furloughs and layoffs followed. Unemployment spiked. Even workers who stayed at their jobs felt a new anxiety. Organizations were compelled to respond, and many launched—or ramped up—new mental health and financial well-being initiatives for their people.

Financial wellness has become a priority now as employers recognize the value of training workers in financial management, and even offering student-loan repayment benefits and other programs. We spoke to Aaron Harding, managing director and co-lead for employee financial wellness at PwC, about how workplace financial wellness is evolving.

Harding is a featured speaker at the Workplace Wellness Conference, a virtual event being produced on April 21st by Ragan Communications.


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