How Journalists Consume Content (FREE DOWNLOAD)


he Digital Revolution - Shaping The Way Journalists Consume ContentLaunching a new product, seeding reaction to a news event presented by your CEO or highlighting a debut video campaign – these are just some of the reasons brands use to drive media engagement online.

But, in this content obsessed world, do you truly know how media professionals are consuming your brand content?

A new survey from TheNewsMarket underpin the essential value of implementing a communications strategy that calls into question the steps taken to make brand stories as accessible, relevant and shareable as possible.

If there is one call to action for brands as a result of this study, it would be that offering multimedia content, especially video, for news distribution is now an expected and necessary offer of online newsrooms to not only drive press to your site but to encourage them to tell your story.

Find out more about:

  • The growing importance of online video
  • The focus journalists place in online newsrooms
  • Free versus paid news sources: who wins?
  • Multimedia content and how to use it for online growth

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