What is Your Leadership IQ? Take the Accountability Quiz

LeslieGrossmanLeadership2By Leslie Grossman, Chair, Vistage International

How accountable are YOU? Are you a leader with integrity? If you are a CEO, your own boss or the leader of a team at a company, an organization or nonprofit,  take this true or false quiz to find out if you are an accountable leader:

T or F: I want my people to be effective and complete their projects on time.

T or F:  I always do what I say I am going to do at the time I promise.

T or F:  I expect my people to get to the office and to meetings on time.

T or F:  I always keep my scheduled meetings and arrive on time.

T or F:  My team members do what they say they are going to do and get it done on time.

T or F:  I always do what I say I am going to do and do so by the time I say I will.

T or F:  My team shows excellent accountability and I am their role model 99% of the time.

T or F:  My team rarely has to work late due to my last minute actions.

T or F:  I always get back to my team, my clients, advisors and collaborators within a reasonable time (no later than 24 hours).

T or F:  I always tell the truth.

What's Your Leadership IQ?If you answered:

•True to all of the above, you are an accountable leader and a role model to your team, your clients, and your collaborators.

If you answered:

•False to some of the above, you lose 10% of your accountability for each false answer and you are impacting your team’s accountability and effectiveness negatively.

The most effective leaders are role models in accountability to their teams. They also hold their own team accountable. In addition, effective leaders are good listeners, coaches, mentors and are focused on creating a culture where everyone thrives and is fulfilled by their job.   If this describes you, congratulations. If your accountability needs improvement, July is a great month for a tune up! Keep count of the number of times you are accountable and the number of times you are NOT. Your improvement will improve your team’s accountability and effectiveness — as quickly as you do.




About the Author:  Leslie Grossman, author of “LINK OUT: How to Turn Your Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections” (Wiley), is a Vistage International Chair in New York City.  She was CEO of Communications/Marketing Action and Women’s Leadership Exchange and is a leadership and business development strategist, speaker and coach at Leslie Grossman Leadership.   Leslie can be reached at leslie@lesliegrossmanleadership.com.