How Do Employees Rate Employers’ COVID-19 Wellness Efforts?


New data reveals 15 companies that are receiving high marks from workers.



Robby Brumberg  

Are you pleased with how your employer has handled the COVID-19 crisis thus far?

Have your leaders stepped up to provide crucial resources, support and tangible relief—or has the pandemic exposed a glaring lack of empathy and compassion?

Many businesses, to their credit, have risen to the occasion by upping care, expanding EAPs, extending wellness benefits and creating new perks to help ease workers’ burdens. Blind, an app that provides an anonymous forum for workplace insights, is shining a light on those who are doing it right. Blind recently surveyed its community of nearly 4 million users to gauge their employers’ level of care amid ongoing COVID-19 chaos. The survey, which netted 7,341 responses, asked employees to grade their company on a scale of one to five—with five being “strongly agree” and one being “strongly disagree”—whether:

  • Your company values the health and wellness of its employees.
  • Your company provides you with the resources to take care of your health. (ex. sufficient PTO, mental health resources, physical health resources).
  • Your company encourages you to take time off to take care of your overall well-being.

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