How Delta Air Lines Created 80,000 Brand Advocates (Content Case Study)


How Delta Air Lines Created 80,000 Brand Advocates

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool for any brand. Just think: How many times have you asked someone for their opinion on a certain product, whether they tried that new restaurant, or how they felt about their new car?

The list goes on and on.

Because no one wants to be left unsatisfied after spending their hard earned money, your brand’s customers and prospects are looking for honest insight from people who have experience with your product.

From industry influencers to customer advocates, today’s brands have a number of ways to tap into word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, one incredibly knowledgeable, but under-utilized resource sits right around you: your colleagues.

Highlighting your brand’s employees not only connects your customers with people who know your products inside and out, it also provides a behind-the-scenes look into how your company operates.  And both of these things offer immense value.

When a company shows that it values its employees and the communities it serves, customers tend to take notice. A study by Nielsen reported that 55 percent of global online consumers were willing to pay more for products and services when a company was committed to making a social and environmental impact.

Additionally, employees who are appreciated and empowered are more likely to perform better. Happier employees means happier customers.

An excellent example of positive company culture leading to major revenue — and headlines — was Delta Air Lines’ recent announcement about its $1.5 billion profit sharing payout.

This was the largest-ever payout of its kind in U.S. history.

With good reason, it’s an accomplishment Delta has taken significant pride in, and they know exactly who deserves credit for the historic profits and industry-leading operational excellence they earned in 2015: Delta employees.

On the day that employees received their payout, Delta’s Chief Executive Officer Richard Anderson and President Ed Bastian sent a company memo which they then shared with the public.

“We are often asked what makes Delta different,” they wrote. “The difference is you. Our unique people-focused culture, built on the Rules of the Road and working together, is the advantage that none of our competitors can match.”

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