How Communicators Can Maximize Vaccine Mandate Messaging


How communicators can maximize vaccine mandate messaging


As companies prepare to comply with the White House’s new measures to control the virus, comms pros should prepare for bumpy months ahead. An expert shares how to excel in this fraught environment.

Sally Ann O’Dowd, Accenture

President Joe Biden recently announced a series of proposals to combat COVID-19 more rigorously, including a rule requiring organizations with 100 or more employees to mandate that workers get vaccinated or undergo weekly testing.

DeNesha Tellis, CEO of The Tellis Group and a Ragan Consulting Group affiliate consultant specializing in executive and leadership communications, explains the essential role that department managers play in rolling out corporate messaging around the mandate.

1. Communications teams at companies across the country are developing plans and messaging about the new mandates. What role do department or business unit managers play in spreading the word?

Communications leaders should consider the Biden Administration’s mandate as they would any significant change that occurs inside an organization, and apply the same foundational change management principles and strategies that you typically rely on.

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