How Comms Can Encourage Early Career Development Plans at Work


How comms can encourage early career development plans at work


Creating and communicating a learning and development program for young employees has multiple benefits

Emma Atkinson, Ragan Communications

As companies grapple with learning how best to boost employee retention, one tactic often goes unnoticed: learning and development. A recent LinkedIn Learning blog post notes that L&D can drive employee engagement, which then leads to higher retention rates. And the first step in a comprehensive L&D program is an early career development initiative.

Early-career development programs are meant to introduce young and early-career employees to potential professional trajectories within the organization. Companies like Adobe, AmeriCorps, Chevron and Legrand all have in-house early career development programs.

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Adobe offers its young employees Accelerate Adobe Life, “a series of sessions on the organization’s practices (such as regular check-ins, an ongoing alternative to the annual performance review) and training programs.”

Adobe Executive Vice President of Customer and Employee Experience Donna Morris told Forbes that the program fosters a culture of learning.

“We encourage an environment where individuals can seek out opportunities,” she said. “Learning is lifelong.”

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