How Brands Can Benefit from a PR Agency Boost


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Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR 

While some brands may not see the benefit of enlisting the assistance of a public relations agency, the help that firms can provide is limitless. It’s a crowded space out there, and assembling the right team can make a big difference in finding ways to stand out. 

In August, 5W Public Relations will once again represent the Indie Beauty Expo, celebrating a special milestone as the beauty brand reaches its fifth anniversary. Each year in New York City, Indie Beauty Expo is produced by the Indie Media Group. The show attracts top media and industry professionals, and we amplify that voice to reach as many as possible. 

And there is value to these types of long-standing relationships. 5W has represented the Indie Beauty Expo for the past two years, which allows the firm to have a grasp on the core values and expectations of this client. As the fifth anniversary Expo approaches towards the end of August, having an existing partnership helps the PR agency give the brand even more tailored assistance. Brands can find a lot of benefit from using a public relations firm because hiring a firm means hiring professionals who know public relations inside and out. Often, public relations firms have specialized teams that know certain industries better than others. 

Hiring a full-fledged team of professionals to handle public relations needs can be invaluable for a brand. Managing public perception and image is challenging and requires a lot of attention and work. Even something that appears simple, such as making sure an event or expo is well attended by media members, can require months of planning and work to ensure success. 

Brands can essentially eliminate worry about aspects of a public image when relying on a public relations firm to handle the logistics and execution of strategy. And in a time of crisis, a public relations firm can come to the rescue and right the ship before further damage is inflicted. 

In the example of the Indie Beauty Expo, it falls on 5W Public Relations to boost the upcoming fifth-anniversary event and produce results that will make this the best expo that IBE has put on to date. Hiring the right public relations firm also matters — Indie Beauty Expo would not have done well to hire a firm with no experience in the beauty space. Connecting with professionals and consumers within the indie beauty circuit requires a professional team with exposure and experience in that niche already. 

A public relations firm can provide a much-needed boost and take a load of work off the shoulders of the in-house team for a brand. When public perception is very reliant on the hard work of experienced professionals, a public relations firm can be a valuable asset to any brand’s success. Finding the right firm to guide a brand to public success can forge the way for a long-lasting relationship that continues to build for the future. 

Employees as Marketers-Thoughts From 5WPR Founder Ronn TorossianAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR.

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