#HourofCode for Communications Pros: Join the Global Movement…(Free Webinar: December 10)

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Webinar Overview

Join 100 million people around the world in the second worldwide event, 2014-2015’s year of: #HourofCode. Its mission is to inspire and educate people so they understand how important and easy it is to code. Please join LiveCode.com in our free one-hour webinar which provides an introduction to basic tech concepts and will teach you how to create a messaging app --  just like the one you have on your iPhone.

  • Within one hour, each webinar participant will be able to create an app, which these days is as important as learning to read and write.
  • Everyone should code is a popular topic. A recent Washington Post article explained, Why Baby Boomers are an Important Part of Technology’s Future that in every year from 1996 to 2013, Americans in the 55-to-64 age group started new businesses at a higher rate than those in their twenties and thirties.
  • Traditional coding languages are complex, full of jargon, symbols and intimidating. LiveCode is the only coding language that is written in English with easy sentence-like syntax so that anyone can learn it.


Learn to create an Apple iPhone's Messages App


Traditionally most programmers begin by creating the “Hello World” app. We will begin with this “Hello World” formula adding our own unique twist. The app you create will look, feel and function just like the app you use every day on your iPhone. Then, you can then download and install LiveCode on your computer if you want to code with us. There are no charges. Everything is free.

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Our Guide

todd-fabacherTodd Fabacher

Co-Founder & CEO

Digital Pomegranate

A successful programmer for more than 25 years, Todd is a LiveCode enthusiast. He uses LiveCode to create commercial applications, and would like to thank –  Code.org, the non-profit behind the Hour of Code movement. They are working with tens of thousands of organizations of companies and have a goal of reaching 100 million people and introducing code.


About LiveCode

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LiveCode is a simple, easy-to-use coding language that is written in English so that anyone to learn. LiveCode’s drag and drop interface editor is the ideal tool to learn programming in one hour. It is used in 30 percent of all high schools in Scotland where LiveCode was founded, and in universities like Brigham Young University and others globally. Create it with LiveCode's online course provides more information.