Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013: Honda’s Visual Video ‘Ride’; Are you Trustworthy?; Decoding the Media; Brand Storytelling Webinar today; Cornering the Market on Content Marketing

 Wednesday, November 13, 2013




Are You Sure You Know What ‘Innovation’ Really Means?
By Lauren Begley Parker, Peppercomm
I love to travel, but flying makes me nervous. However, nothing takes my mind off the flight like flipping through the pages of the great publishing achievement that is SkyMall. Where else can you find a Nighttime Bunion Regulator ($31.98), a Cell Phone Spy Stick ($119.98), a Voice Activated R2-D2 ($199.95), and a Single-Handed Hair Trimmer ($59.95) all on the same page?

The Brave New World of Equity Crowd-Financing
By Brad Kayton, Co-Founder, CMO, and Board Member, 1World Online
While there is a lot of hype around crowd-financing, in the end this is still really business as usual these days for companies raising money. Yes, the SEC regulations have and are changing, but boy did they need to change as we no longer live in the shadows of the market crash of 1929, of which lead to the laws from the 1930s and 40s that we have been operating under and in most ways…

Park Bench Marketing Group: We Dare To Be Different
By Michael Lissauer, CEO, Park Bench Marketing Group
We challenge our clients and ourselves to be different, to challenge the status quo.How can a group of college students be so brash? I like to think the Baruch College students who make up Park Bench Marketing Group have a passion for marketing, think outside the box and are performance driven. Yes they are young, but they have innovative ideas and a unique perspective.

Decoding the Media: National Journalists Divulge Best Way to Build Relationships
By Meghann Johnson, Sales Manager, Business Wire Chicago
What does it take to land a signature placement? You know, the media placement that positions your company as an industry-leader with the smartest executive team and best products? According to speakers on PRSA Chicago’s recent panel, a heck of a lot more than it used to.




How Much Did That Video Cost?: Honda Takes Us For A Visual Ride In This 2003 Classic
By David Dvir, via NotchVideo: For the Latergy Social Video Channel
So, how much did that video cost? “Cog” made an impression on me when it was released in 2003. I don’t want to say it inspired my own career because my career has somewhat spawned from chaos more than design. But since I build the same type of machine for a living it certainly resonates with me, greatly.

Are You as Trustworthy as You Think?
By Leslie Grossman, Vice Chair of the IMPACT Leadership 21 Global Advisory Council, Author of the book “LINK OUT”: For the Global Women’s Leadership & Collaboration Channel
Recently I received an eye-opening blog post “How Trustworthy Are You?” from friend and entourager Kristine Kern, who is a principle consultant with Patrick Lencioni’s firm The Table Group. The post shares insights about …

How One Brand Cornered The Market On Content Marketing And Earned Media
For the Strategic Video Communications Channel
Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, talks with Albe Zakes, Global VP of Terracycle about content marketing and earned media at the PR News Digital PR Summit. “Today we have over fifteen different third party columns. Packaging Digest, Green Child, Huffington Post, even the …




Brand Storytelling: Leveraging Employees To Scale the Content Engine
Customer advocacy is the #1 influencer of sales. (Nielsen 2013) Most of us intuitively know that we as customers trust each other’s opinions. How many times have you been influenced to purchase a specific product because someone told you about his or her personal experience? On the other hand …

Professional Services: What’s New, What Works, What Doesn’t: In The Office With Andrea Stimmel, President, LawFirmBuilders, LLC
FREE WEBINAR – November 19th
Join our lively discussion about the marketing and reputation managment issues and trends for professional services firms as we explore the 2014 marketplace. We will discuss the importance of integrating websites, using blogs and …

Protecting Your Company from Fraud: How to Safeguard Your Data, Revenue and Bottom Line
FREE WEBINAR – November 21st
When you’re “In the Office” with Daniel W. Draz, M.S., CFE of Fraud Solutions, the world is filled with fraud, shady characters and nefarious activity…24/7. Draz gets to the heart of who’s targeting your organizations, what they’re after, how they’ll try to get it and what the potential impact will be.Pull up a chair and listen as …





Georgia Tech Warns of Emerging Threats in Cloud, Mobile
Companies will face next year emerging threats in cloud data storage that will demand security measures that go far beyond what is offered by service providers, a university report says. In addition, the Georgia Institute of Technology is warning that the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend among employees using their smartphones for work will present unique challenges that will need to be addressed.

To Ride The Moscow Subway For Free, Do 30 Squats
Get ready to drop down and give 30 squats if you want a free ride on the Moscow metro. In an effort to promote both physical fitness and the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Moscow city officials and the Russian Olympic Committee are allowing subway riders to pay in 30 squats instead of 30 rubles (about 92 cents) for a single-ride ticket. Riders have two minutes to perform the deep-knee bends in front of a special machine that can tell if they’re assuming the correct position.

Twitter Lets Users Build Timelines Around TV Shows, News
Twitter Inc. (TWTR:US) is letting users create customized news feeds around real-time events as the microblogging service aims to boost engagement on the site. Custom timelines will help users collect tweets around conversations, television shows or breaking news so messages that are of most interest will float to the top, the San Francisco-based company said today in a blog post. “When the conversation around an event or topic takes off on Twitter, you have the opportunity to create a timeline that surfaces what you believe to be the most noteworthy, relevant tweets,” the post said.




Google Glass May Save Firms $1 Billion
Research firm Gartner forecasts that Google Glass and other “smartglasses” will help make employees more efficient, ultimately adding more than $1 billion per year to company profits from 2017. Smartglasses will be particularly useful for workers who need to use both hands to complete a complex task, such as conducting surgery or fixing a car, said Gartner’s principal research director Tuong Nguyen. Technicians, engineers and individuals working in healthcare, maintenance and manufacturing will find the smartglasses particularly handy, making it easier and quicker to complete daily tasks.

Oxford Arm To Set Up University in Sanand With Whistling Group
The Hindu Business Line
It isn’t just car-makers, even the University of Oxford is heading to Sanand, Gujarat. The university, which opened its portals in 1096, is planning a higher-education campus through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Isis Innovation Ltd. Isis will be partnered by the Whistling Group, headed by Parag Shah. This independent, industry-focused university will offer courses in alternative energy and environmental studies. Its curricula will be created by academics from Oxford and other top educational institutions. “This university is being created with advice from Isis Innovation Ltd, through which Oxford transfers its technology,” said Aviruk Chakraborty, Managing Director, Whistling Sun Education Pvt Ltd, on Tuesday.





Welcome, In Mandarin
The New York Times
Mandarin television channels. Congee rice porridges. Smoking rooms. China has become the biggest travel spender in the world, and hotels are taking notice. Across Europe and America, back-office planners and front desk clerks are learning Chinese customs to attract the new travelers and keep them returning. The market is large, and growing. China’s economy included $102 billion spent on travel abroad in 2012, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Chrysler Mimics Human Lung To Broaden CNG Use
Automotive News
Chrysler Group says it has developed a tank to store compressed natural gas that mimics human lungs and will allow the cheaper fuel source to more easily be used in automobiles. The design uses smaller compartments inside a larger tank to increase fuel capacity and storage, similar to the alveoli within the human lung. It would free automakers from being forced to use large reinforced cylinders to store compressed natural gas onboard automobiles and would allow fuel to be stored within non-cylindrical shapes.

Brazil Is Using The Law To Push Innovation, But Here’s How It Can Do More
The Next Web
As announced in Brazilian press in October of 2013, a new version of a law in Brazil just took effect, mandating that smartphones give visibility to Brazilian-made apps, by either pre-loading phones with these homegrown apps or providing a dedicated marketplace on smartphones to display them. This is a step forward for the Good Law-which has already helped Brazil a lot-but private business and government need to start doing more to truly help launch Brazil’s mobile potential.

The Next Big Thing You Missed: If the Apple Store Sold Groceries
Shopping at the Apple Store isn’t like shopping anywhere else. The same can’t be said for supermarkets. Though the specific foods on sale might differ between a Kroger and a Whole Foods, the template is the same: cavernous spaces jammed with thousands of choices, ending with the checkout counter shamble. Local Mission Market, a new San Francisco store, tosses that entire model in favor of rethinking grocery shopping as a user experience. As with Apple, that experience starts with product. After all, it wouldn’t matter how innovative Apple’s stores were if what they were selling sucked.




PRSummit: PR Firm Owners Would Rather Sell To Independents
The Holmes Report
The majority of independent PR firm owners would much rather sell to another independent firm than to one of the publicly-held international agencies, according to a survey conducted by The Holmes Report and New York-based law firm Davis & Gilbert, which formed the basis of a discussion at the Independent Public Relations Firms’ Forum-part of the Global Public Relations Summit in Miami. The survey, presented by Davis & Gilbert’s Michael Lasky, found that two-thirds of the respondents…

Localising the Engternet
English, once the standard in a US-dominated Web, will be overtaken by Chinese as soon as 2015, according to the UN Broadband Commission. Meanwhile, according to NET.LANG – Towards the multilingual cyberspace (2012), Spanish is now the third biggest language on the Internet while Portuguese, Arabic and Russian are making rapid inroads.





Google Relents on YouTube Ad Measurement
The Wall Street Journal
For about two years, Google Inc. refused to let Nielsen Holdings place measurement tags on ads running on YouTube, a stance that media buyers say stopped some advertisers buying time on the online video site. Last week, Google reversed its position in a decision that analysts say could fuel the shift of TV ad dollars to online video. Nielsen disclosed late last week that Google was allowing advertisers to test Nielsen’s online ad measurement product when they negotiate ad buys on Google’s YouTube. “Following a brief testing period,” Nielsen said, it expects the “measurement tags to be accepted across all Google properties, including YouTube… by early 2014.”

New York Times Exodus: Hugo Lindgren, Brian Stelter and Matt Bai All Leaving
The Wrap
The New York Times is losing three more high-profile staffers in one fell swoop: Hugo Lindgren, editor of New York Times Magazine; Matt Bai, the magazine’s chief political correspondent, and media reporter Brian Stelter each said they were leaving the paper on Tuesday. Hugo Lindgren, who has edited the magazine since October 2010, will depart at the end of the year, he informed co-workers on Tuesday. According to (of course) the New York Times, Lindgren “choked up and described the last few days as difficult” when making the announcement to his staff.

Rockefeller Bill Could ‘Legitimize’ Aereo
TV News Check
Legislation introduced today by Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) could “legitimize Aereo-like services,” allowing them to retransmit broadcast programming without paying retransmission consent fees, a communications industry lobbyist said. “That would allow a company to take programming they don’t own and resell it in an online world without compensating the copyright owners,” the lobbyist said. NAB President Gordon Smith, in the association’s official response to the legislation, also expressed concerns about any proposal that “legitimize theft of copyrighted programming.





Wi-Fi Powered Phones Could Make Chargers Obsolete
Time Magazine
Imagine being stuck in your car with your phone for a long drive without your charger. If you’re anything like me, you’d switch your phone off to save the precious battery for emergencies. Then, you’d probably have to head to a store when you get to your destination to pick up a spare. It’s a pretty common problem – one that a pair of engineering students may be soon making obsolete. Duke Pratt School of Engineering students Alexander Katko and Allen Hawkes have designed a device capable of picking up wi-fi signals and converting them to usable electrical current.





Ypres and the Search for Europe
Richard Edelman – 6 A.M.


The Ultimate Moment of Truth and The Art of Digital Engagement
Brian Solis

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chris Brogan

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