HODLVault Token Listing Platform Launching Soon


CommPRO Editorial Staff

The project aims to create a top coin listing platform on which upcoming projects can connect with potential pre-launch investors and build hype around their token via AMA sessions. It also strives to empower token developers to drive education about their project and coin before pre-sales while promoting transparency and unity within the crypto community.

HODLVault provides crypto investors with token validation incentives by deploying proprietary procedures to deter individuals with malicious intentions from joining ILOs. The platform also fosters community engagement by allowing crypto fans to select new coin listings and communicate directly with token dev teams via pre-sale AMAs.

The HODLVault Token is Live on PancakeSwap
The HODLVault team started the Hodlvault token (HVLT) sale on 5th December at 1700 UTC, offering the coin at a rate of 1.0 Trillion HVLT per BNB. The project listed their token on PancakeSwap, allowing interested investors to fill up their bags with no limit on how much they can purchase.

HVLT investors get a token with a utility that rewards crypto enthusiasts simply for HOLDing. Per the latest data from Watcher Guru, the project currently boasts 1400+ HVLT holders, making the token a low cap gem with massive moonshot potential.

The HODLVault smart contract charges a 14 % tax for buy/sell transactions and wallet-to-wallet transfers. 8% of the tax goes to rewarding eligible holders in BUSD; users currently need to hold a minimum of 1 billion tokens to be eligible for automatic hourly rewards. To view the reflections, holders must enable Binance-peg BUSD in their wallets.

HODLVault redistributes 2% tax to the automatic Buyback and Burn function, helping HVLT maintain its hyper deflationary status. A further 2% of each transaction goes to enhancing the Pancakeswap liquidity pool, creating a stable price floor. The remaining tax amount is used for marketing and development to help HVLT take flight and achieve long-term success.

What Makes HODLVault Stand Out?
HODLVAult implements various measures to ensure that investor funds are safe and the native token is protected from whale manipulation.

The project integrates an anti-dump mechanism into its smart contract to shield HVLT from drastic sell-offs that would cause the price to plummet. Dubbed the ‘Volatility Selling Feature’, this innovative function caps the maximum amount of HVLT anyone can sell at 0.35% of the total supply, preventing whales from manipulating the HVLT price.

The HODLVAult team also prioritizes security and transparency as they strive to emerge as a leading token listing platform within the crypto ecosystem. Before launch, the project backers underwent a rigorous KYC Verification with IDO-Presales.com, where they provided their Driver’s License, Proof of Residence, and video affidavit. The developers also submitted their project for a code review by leading smart contract auditor Techrate.

Furthermore, the project has locked the pre-sale liquidity in a time-lock smart contract, reassuring investors that the project founders cannot run away with the funds.

Source: Blockchain Wire