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There are a number of activities that the owner of a website normally hopes to get from their visitors. They hope that the visitors will like the website on Facebook, share it, tweet about it, pin it and dig it too. These activities make the website known across the Internet. They makes it popular and results in more viewers. There is one activity that website owners hope for that is more valuable than all these. This is email subscription. They do their best to ensure that visitors to their website subscribe to emails. Why is this? Read on.

The value of an email subscription

The owner can use this channel to convert the visitor into a customer. By subscribing to an email list, the visitor indicates that they are interested in what the website has to offer. This is a valuable channel to the owner of the website. They hope that many people will subscribe, resulting in an email list. It takes time and effort to create such a list. Here are the steps involved.

The website owner first has to create an opt-in form. After that, they connect the form to their email account. After that, they have to place the form in strategic places where it will be seen by as many visitors as possible. On doing that, the form has to be tweaked to increase its attractiveness. You can actually conduct all these activities manually but this will take a lot of time and effort. However, there is a tool that can perform this for you automatically and professionally. It is known as the Bloom plugin and is developed by Elegant themes. Read through this bloom plugin review to learn more about it.

What is the Bloom plugin?

This is a plugin that is specially built for WordPress websites. It is flexible and extremely capable. The plugin allows you to add customized opt-in forms in your website. It also gives you complete control over their characteristics. You can control how these forms look, where they are placed and how they behave. The Bloom plugin for opt-in forms allows you to maximize your ability to capture email subscriptions. Read on to learn more about it.

How to get started with the Bloom plugin

The first step that is required is to install Bloom in your WordPress website. Once you do this successfully, you will see a menu item in the WordPress dashboard that is labeled Bloom. After that, activate it so as to explore and utilize its features.

Once it is up and running, click on it. After that, navigate to Opt-in Forms. Once you are there, click on the button that says New Opt-in. This activates a new window for you to work in. This window contains a number of Opt-in styles that you can use. They are:

  1. Pop-up opt-in forms
  2. Fly-in opt-in forms
  3. Below Post opt-in forms
  4. Inline opt-in forms
  5. Locked content opt-in forms
  6. Widget opt-in forms

Pop Up opt-in forms

This type of opt-in form is very useful and popular. It emerges after your visitor activates a trigger that you had set. Examples of triggers can be an event such as arriving at the bottom of a web page or a specific period of time elapsing while the visitor is on the same page. Other triggers can be making a purchase or making a comment in your website. The Pop Up Opt-in form is available with over 10 different styles of animation and a total of 6 triggers.

Fly-In Opt-in forms

Another type of form that you can find in the Bloom plugin is the Fly-In opt-in form. It has a special ability to capture the attention of a visitor. This opt-in can also be programmed such that it emerges after a visitor performs an event to trigger it. Examples of triggers include staying on a page while being inactive, reaching the end of some content, scrolling to look at a particular page, buying something in your website or even making a comment. The Fly-In opt-in form can be placed on either side of the browser window. In addition to that, there are 10 different animations to choose from for the Fly-In opt-in form.

Below Post Opt-in forms

A commonly used style of opt-in form is this one. Just as is indicated in its name, this type of form is normally located right below the end of a particular post or webpage.

Inline Opt-in forms

This type of form is ideal for those who want to place forms within the content. By using customized short codes, you can place the Inline opt-in form in any block of text that you desire. In addition to that, this type allows you to place as many forms as you want in your webpages.

Locked Content forms

By locking the visitor out of viewing some content in your website until they subscribe to your email list, this form is very effective. It can dramatically increase the size of your list. However, you have to make sure that the content you are locking them out of is interesting enough to warrant a subscription. Otherwise, your visitor will leave and not come back.

The Widget opt-in form

Another commonly used type of form is this one. It allows you to show it in the sidebar, the footer or any other digital area of your website. The form is activated by clicking on a customized Bloom widget.

After looking through all these opt-in styles, you can pick one and give it a name. In addition to that, you need to connect it to an email provider to activate it.


The Bloom WordPress plugin makes it so easy to set up opt-in forms. There are multiple styles of forms to choose from. Thus, you can definitely find one that is perfect for your type of website. If you want to capture many email subscriptions on your WordPress website, the Bloom plugin is a valuable resource to use.

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