What Hangs On Your Walls. And What Message Does It Portray?

Adrienne-Mazzone-headshotBy Adrienne Mazzone, Executive Vice President, TransMedia Group

Every business has their respective areas of expertise and walls to fill that reflect their work.  Do you just pick your favorite artist, colors and start to decorate.  Or are you going for a certain look that will complement your company’s services? 

A gym or fitness center might go with something that gives you that feeling of motion, energy with perhaps bright colored art or images of athletes in action.  An Italian restaurant might have images of food, perhaps some pasta or something fun and delicious to drink like images of a unique new drink, www.ChocoVine.com.  Then we have some hi tech companies like iPower Technologies, a computer networking managed service provider, and they might have something more representative of their field of work – like big screens or monitors.

A profession that probably has the limitless stroke of expression is a PR firm.   Public Relation firms love to spin their client into many directions that all ultimately lead to exposure.  Let’s take JulianaBoPhotography.com Fine Art Landscape images. Perhaps a wall that displays the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County on the cover of South Florida’s Business Journal and, Florida’s largest home builders, GLHomes article in Forbes framed and right in the middle could very well be “Bridge to Infinity,” a popular photo by JulianaBoPhotography.com.

Perhaps Dr. Elizabeth Kings book; “Simple Guide to Holistic Health” then Juliana Bo’s image that was recently shown on the Times Square marque, “Dawn of Time” ( Canyonlands NP, UT ) in the middle then the program cover of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation 25th Anniversary Gala or next to Spa Care Center ribbon cutting photos.  Again, a great connection for soothing beauty and the image that connects your clients.

Look at establishments that are popular like The Hard Rock Café with the big guitars that quickly became a must visit for tourists or Jersey Mike’s Subs that are known for their surfboards, quite popular on the Jersey Shore, and no matter where the location, gives you that New Jersey feeling.  Everyone has their trademark, especially if it’s hanging on the walls.  What’s on your wall?

 About the Author: Adrienne Mazzone, Executive Vice President, TransMedia Group (www.transmediagroup.com) has successfully reached the goals of many clients from arranging a prominent Gala to placing talent, scouting locations, securing crews, product placements and more for various film project & TV segments.