Häagen-Dazs’ New Social Media Campaign

Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

The ice cream giant Häagen-Dazs has started a brand new social media contest in Germany that aims to encourage consumers to turn their side gigs into full-fledged careers. The company’s campaign is targeting the younger generation of consumers, titled Generation Z, with the latest addition to its campaign being run by a creative agency named Space. This is an agency that helps artists, performers, as well as business owners  reach their true potential. Meanwhile, the new platform from Häagen-Dazs was created by Forsman & Bodenfors, while it was released back in June 2020. 

The contestants in the Häagen-Dazs competition are looking to win business mentoring, billboard ads, as well as a bursary of $3,500. Additionally, this contest is being promoted through both paid social and influencer efforts, which drives users to a microsite where they’re asked to describe their passion projects in about 100 words, and to upload a video. 

The winners of the contests will enter the judging phase, which is organized by the marketing agency PromoVeritas. Each one of the contestants will get to work on their business plan with a mentor while also being paired with one of Häagen-Dazs’ own flavors such as Vanilla Caramel Brownie, Salted Caramel, and many others. 

According to the brand manager for Häagen-Dazs, Henriette Pagels, the main goal of the campaign is to help business leaders and creatives achieve their dreams. She said that the company is looking to turn people’s passions into real opportunities that will help them do what they really love and turn those opportunities into long-term and sustainable careers. 

The campaign first started back when the brand started celebrating its 60th anniversary and created another campaign to thank consumers for their support over the last six decades. For the anniversary, Häagen-Dazs created another campaign , which asked consumers to share their most creative ideas for ice cream flavors, which are inspired by their love of the brand’s own ice cream. 

The company is well known for the passion that it puts into creating the perfect flavors with the best ingredients, and all participants had to do  was comment on the brand’s Instagram post with their flavor idea. The winners with the most creative flavors received a grand prize of 15 handmade cartons of the fantasy flavor as well as a year’s worth of the company’s ice cream and branded merchandise. 

Each of these campaigns proved to be  a great way for consumers to connect with brands while enjoying their creativity or passion projects.

Ronn TorossianAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency.