GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™ and D S Simon Media Form Joint Marketing Initiative


Guinness World Records, the authority on record-breaking achievement, and D S Simon Media, a leading digital and strategic video communications firm, have today announced a new joint marketing initiative in the USA. The two organizations will collaborate by sharing information about each other’s services with their respective clients. This will generate more awareness surrounding the power of record-breaking and create a potentially more efficient process for companies seeking to utilize video and digital distribution for record-breaking attempts.

As industry innovators in the world of video content creation and distribution, D S Simon Media is well positioned to help brands and organizations looking to amplify their record-breaking message across broadcast and social platforms. .“A growing number brands use video of their Guinness World Records event to tell interesting, engaging stories about themselves. We’ve also fielded an increasing volume of inquiries about digital and video services,” says Peter Harper, SVP Americas, Guinness World Records. “We believe this joint marketing initiative with D S Simon Media will provide these organizations with an enhancement to their campaign by increasing the reach of their message with a compelling story, told through video.”

“There is no company like Guinness World Records. Attempting to set a Guinness World Records title is a fantastic way to generate positive media coverage and add a fun spirit to your organization while increasing consumer and employee engagement,” says Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Media. “Bringing a Guinness World Records record attempt to life through video across social platforms creates significant and lasting value for your organization.”

A growing number of organizations continue to turn to Guinness World Records to integrate video into their record attempts as a means of engaging their customers, motivating their employees, and fundraising for their good cause. These record-breaking events help meet business objectives, generate media coverage and create irresistibly engaging and viral content.

As social media grows and evolves, the sharing of high-quality video has been more important than ever for these organizations. And increasingly, capturing the stories and accomplishments created from record-breaking and sharing them through video has proven entertaining, shareable, and popular with consumers all while generating greater brand awareness.

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