Guide to Easy Instagram Content Creation


Jacqueline Simard IretonBy Jacqueline Simard Ireton, Director of Accounts, BLASTmedia

Instagram content creation tipsOver 400 million users are now actively sharing content on Instagram each month. The emphasis on creative and compelling content is not dwindling and as a consumer brand, it’s obvious the needed emphasis of visual content. If you’re lacking the creative juices to get the content ideation flowing, heed the following easy Instagram tips for fun and sharable imagery:

  • Embrace the textual healing. Leverage positive customer feedback with a text overlay of the compliment or kind word to a pre-existing image. It’s Instagram content made easy without having to reinvent the content wheel or spend beaucoup bucks on creative assets.
  • Ask and you shall (likely) receive. Request your loyal fans and followers to share an image of your brand in action. Leverage free repost apps to share their image to your feed while giving a nod in the image’s description. Should your image all-call be wildly successful and leave you with too many pieces of content (nice!), consider adding the images to a collage.
  • Recycle video assets. Cut the high-end video content created from past campaigns or commercial spots into shorter, more digestible content for Instagram.
  • Enlist influencers. Every marketing blog preaches the importance of influencers and its application has extended far beyond the Michelle Phan and PewDiePie of the world. Consider seeding your product to an Instagram influencer for content to repost (see point #2) to your network. A large majority of influencers require payment, but finding and connecting with on-the-rise personalities with seeded product and/or giveaway units pay off both now and in the long run.

With tweaks to a current content strategy and highlighting assets already at your disposal can help create Instagram content in a cost-effective way.

About the Author: Jacqueline Simard Ireton leads a team of consumer brand storytellers in her role as a director of accounts at BLASTmedia, an Indianapolis-based national PR agency that specializes in media relations, content creation and amplification.  


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