Great Restaurant Social Media Pages

VW Is Better Than Ever According To Ronn TorossianRonn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

We have found some of the great restaurant social media pages and what you can learn from a good food PR digital media campaign.

Check these out:

Pieology Pizzeria

Pieology and their hashtag #MyPieology has allowed this restaurant to let their customers share pictures and comments. But more than that, Pieology features those customer photos on all of their social media accounts. Customers then become brand ambassadors. That proves their place on social media as well as a location people love to go for food. Wow, that’s really free marketing with other people providing the great pictures. Win!

Even better, they don’t stop there. Pieology also when people share their photos on social media and use the hashtag, Pieology sends them a coupon for cinnamon sticks – free. Imagine how many kudos they get from people when they receive the coupon!


Yes, that drive-thru with the red-haired girl signs. Wendy’s is known for introducing new products for limited times. When they introduced Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburgers, their customers went to social media to express their love of this product. Wendy’s people paid attention to that. They then used it to create a PR campaign using several of these customer posts to create videos of love songs dedicated to the new burger. These really hit on both Facebook and YouTube.


Sweetgreen offers fresh and sustainable food. They also like clean and modern in their presentations. If you look at their accounts, you may notice that on social media they only use lower case lettering. Their photos are vibrant, and they have their own emoji too. This is all about creating and sticking with their branding strategy. They’ve thought it through and built upon it over time.

Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio

Monteverde was entered in Chicago Eater’s Restaurant of the Year contest. They could have stayed low-key and let people find out about their participation, but that probably wouldn’t have let them win. Which they did – in a big way. What they did was to ask patrons for their support, more than once. In fact, they asked their patrons to spread the word for them too, get their friends to vote for them too. The thing is, this only works if you’ve got that kind of fun and friendly relationship with customers. If they already feel like family with the people at the restaurant, it’s an easy sell. Good job Monteverde.

Upper Crust Pizzeria

When Stella (storm) hit the Boston area, Upper Crust Pizzeria took to social media in a unique way. They used a trending hashtag (#openinBOS) that let people know what businesses were still open during the storm along with a photo of their team delivering pizza to a weatherman out in the middle of the storm. Everyone was bundled up with the hot pizza dead center of the picture, so when people hit the heart on Instagram, it showed immediately in the middle of the pizza. Well placed newsjacking.