Great Content Takes a Stand


Jill KurtzBy Jill Kurtz, Owner, Kurtz Digital Strategy

Do you want your online content to get attention? It might be time to take a stand. Stop simply repeating or reinforcing what everyone already knows. Take a unique position to increase the attraction to your content.

You. Unique takes within your area of expertise give people a reason to check in on what you are saying. Your unique qualities helps them to know you more distinctly than others in your space.

Be Authentic

Your online audience won’t buy into a one-off post that makes a unique point. Make sure your content is always congruent with your mission and vision.

The key is to find the sweet spot between what people are talking about and what you want to talk about.

You have to demonstrate an ongoing investment and commitment. Whether you are challenging conventional wisdom or defining a new way to tackle a problem, you need to be consistent and show thoughtful dedication to your ideas.

Step away from what feels safe and take a stand. You will likely increase the engagement of your online audience.

About the Author: Jill Kurtz founded Kurtz Digital Strategy to help clients see the communication potential of the newest trends and technologies. She is an expert at website strategy and redesign, social media planning, and developing exceptional content.

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