Golden Thread Dialogue: What Our World Needs Now (POEM)

Listen to our collective genius
Who are we in community?
What is our Yearning?
How can we dance with it
Sing it
Play with it
Exercise our self-awareness muscle
Make good things happen?
Keep in mind that
The opposite of Play
Is Depression
Words, phrases, ideas
Spun together
Using golden thread dialogue
Creating what the world needs now
Healing empathy.

Joan Wangler, ICF Master Certified Coach

We can change the world!

 Let me know about your golden thread conversations!

About the Author: Joan Wangler is an ICF Master Certified Coach and President of EDIN (Each Day Is New) Associates. She is best known for her work with leaders at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center introducing and  facilitating the Diversity and Civility Creative Learning Group aka “Space To Grow.” She is currently on the senior coaching faculty at George Washington University working on a One Humanity initiative.  

Joan is sheltering in place in Washington, DC. Contact her at