Global Agencies React to Brexit

The Advertising & Marketing Independent Network Shares Global Insight on Brexit

Agencies across the globe continue to express their shock at the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. While there is growing concern for the challenges ahead, hope for a united future remains strong among global marketers.

AMIN Worldwide logoMost of us have considered the personal impact of the EU referendum outcome by now; like mortgage rates, pensions and the future of free-movement. As active members of the global agency network AMIN Worldwide, UK based advertising agency Thinking Juice started a conversation with their global partners on reactions to Brexit, and how this will ultimately affect the industry at large. Like the EU itself, AMIN was created in order to unite communities, encourage a sharing culture and facilitate unparalleled reach.

“There is a great opportunity now for brands that embrace the change promptly and determine what their long-term strategy will be. I suspect that British heritage brands that operate internationally will be able to capitalize on the separation by telling stories that continue to draw on aspiration, exclusivity and British prestige.” Fleurie Forbes-Martin, Business Communications Manager, Thinking Juice, UK. While Brexit may not have the same scale of impact on other European countries as it does in Britain, the agency counterparts reacted with a united opinion.

The intent for the exit was also questioned as Google recorded more searches about the consequences of leaving the EU following the result, then in the weeks prior. As such, skepticism was shared about whether or not a democratic vote was in the best interest of Britain as a whole.

AMIN global leaders are aligned thinking there were no boundaries to what could be achieved if Europe continued to stand together, united. “Whether it’s in relation to our environment, economics or immigration,” said Hans Vaneemeren, Mosquito in Belgium. It seems that belonging to a global body that continues to support European and global cooperation has been a source of comfort and encouragement.

Across the water, American agencies seem far enough away from the shock wave to see the wood from the trees. Does all change deliver opportunity? Doug Barton of Trone Brand Energy in North Carolina relayed that organizations with long-term investment who are willing to listen to their marketing leaders, are the ones that may be able to create opportunities. In contrast he argued that CMOs that continue to be driven by a “short-term ROI mentality in marketing strategy” will lose out.

Despite a vote to determine future legislation in an attempt to ‘centralize control’ in Britain in the future, an overwhelming desire to collaborate remains intact amongst agencies across the rest of the EU. With it is hope that business will benefit too. “Our commitment to remain connected and cooperate can only enhance our clients’ competitiveness around the globe,” added Beau Higgins of Wordsmith Advertising in Turkey.

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