#GivingTuesday – Love is Lovelier the Second Time Around


Now Spread Love to Love’s Adorable Offspring, Children 

GivingTuesday - Love is Lovelier the Second Time Around


Thomas J. Madden, Chairman and CEO, Transmedia Group

As a writer, wordsmith and Spin Man, my mind tends to work in words strung together to make hopefully memorable, quotable points about something so deserving, worth preserving: LOVE!

So here are my thoughts after a second marriage. They’re deLIGHT YEARS from any second thoughts and they’re especially auspicious on #GivingTuesday.

One popped right up out of bed this morning.

Best protection against unfaithfulness . . .

A satisfied partner!

Wouldn’t there be fewer divorces if only we followed that performance precept?

Having remarried recently, I’m thinking more about words these days that underscore the meaning of love, including song lyrics about that sublime feeling we humans have in our emotional tool kits.

One of my favorites popped up the other day on my Siriusly Sinatra channel on Sirius Satellite Radio . . . Frank singing:

Love is lovelier the second time around;

Just as wonderful with both feet on the ground.

My PR Colleagues, meet my new PR clients, LOVE and MARRIAGE, they go together like Frank sings on Sirius, A HORSE AND CARRIAGE. YOU CAN’T HAVE ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER! 

Yes, I’m smitten again and I’m spittin’ out phrases that describe what it feels like to be once again in love.

You know the term PERPETUAL MOTION?

Well I’ve added an “e” to make it PERPETUAL eMOTION because I feel the emotion of love needs to be perpetually within us for someone other than us, that someone whom we marry or with whom we’re engaged.

Yes, the ultimate PR client is marriage for which I’m doing PR these days as that sacred bond needs some image enhancement . . . and romancement.

Look for next book, LOVE BOAT 78 that dives more deeply into dating and romance.  It’s due out this month from my publisher Mascotbooks.

It’s about an older gentleman like me looking for love on the Internet, but finding his Rita in a sports bar called Duffy’s.   And now, bottoms up, we’re happily married.

And in love . . . the second time around.

Don't Be DOA! What They Say About First Impressions Goes Double for News Releases - Tom MaddenAbout the Author: Madden is the founder and CEO of the public relations firm TransMedia Group.  Books he has written include SPIN MAN, King of the Condo, Is There Enough BRADY in TRUMP To Win The inSUPERable Bowl? and Love Boat 78.  His blog, Madden Mischief.com finds him “Looking at Truth through the prism of Absurd.” Madden started out as a newspaper reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, then rose to the pinnacle of network television as Vice President, Assistant to the Pressident of NBC under then CEO Fred Silverman, for whom Madden wrote speeches when they were both at American Broadcasting Companies. Madden recently launched Madden Talent, a licensed talent agency representing actors, artists and models. Corporate titans like the Chairmen of Kellogg’s Company and AT&T looked to Madden to do crisis management and write influential speeches for them that were reprinted in The New York Times. Madden won the Public Relations Society of America’s Bronze Anvil for a PR campaign he conducted for The City of New York. Rexall Sundown Founder Carl DeSantis credits Madden’s publicity for the firm’s spectacular success, culminating in DeSantis selling the company in 2000 for $1.6 billion.