Gilded Launches B2B Payment Solution for Coinbase

CommPRO Editorial Staff

Gilded, a company that simplifies B2B payments and accounting, has announced a suite of business tools for Coinbase users. With over 30 million customers worldwide, Coinbase is the most popular digital currency exchange. Today, businesses can send and receive instant digital currency payments directly to their Coinbase account while automating the accounting process.

Since 2018, Gilded has been a leading provider of non-custodial digital currency payments. In response to increasing demand, Gilded has launched a powerful solution for companies seeking the assurance and convenience of a custodial account.

While billions of dollars have been transferred through digital currency, standard digital currency wallets are not suitable for business use. A typical digital currency wallet makes it difficult to invoice and track payments with digital assets.

Gilded’s Coinbase integration allows any company to send invoices and accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or the USDC stablecoin. Payments are sent directly to the company’s Coinbase account, which is tracked and reconciled within Gilded. Businesses using Gilded for Coinbase need not worry about wallet addresses, custody of funds, or tracking payments. Payments can be sent around the world in minutes without incurring additional transaction fees.

Companies that transact internationally encounter high fees, delays, and a lack of transparency. Digital currency removes bankers and middlemen, allowing businesses to accelerate cash flow and keep more of their hard earned revenue.

“The benefits of digital currency are clear, but the experience hasn’t always been accessible or user-friendly⁠—especially for businesses.” Said Gil Hildebrand, CEO of Gilded. “Gilded changes that. Today, Coinbase’s 30 million users have gained access to essential tools for business.”

In addition to digital currency, Gilded also supports traditional payment options, such as wire transfers and credit cards. Each invoice allows the customer to choose their preferred method of payment.

“The digital currency economy is here,” said Hildebrand. “Soon, every business will recognize it as the most efficient way to transact globally with customers and vendors. But we also understand that companies might not want to eliminate other payment options entirely.”

Source: Blockchain Wire