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Dian Griesel - featuredBy Dian Griesel, President, Dian Griesel International

Blogs and websites that have rich content are always going to do better than those that don’t. Logically enough, that’s just common sense. It’s easy to write about a topic you’re passionate about, but even the most passionate of bloggers can come down with a case of “blog-block” and run out of things to say. So where do these bloggers get their ideas? Are they turning to tools and other sources available on the Internet?

Write It Yourself

The absolute best way to provide rich content for your blog is to develop the content yourself. Developing original content gives you the power. You, as the content developer, can establish yourself as a credible source on the subject while remaining personable and relatable to your followers. One way to find fresh ideas is to look for an appealing news article. Pay attention to those trending topics and news stories. Pull from those topics and center your content around that while the story is hot!

Keep It Simple

Blogs are meant to be casual. There’s no need to be as structured as you would be in a formal news article. If you’re struggling with what to say, try drafting an email to your best friend. What would you say to him/her about what’s going on in your life? How would you tell him/her about your thoughts on a certain topic? Use that tone of voice in your post to allow your personality to break through the text and connect with readers. It’s always a good idea to add in a personal anecdote or two.

Talk Is Cheap

If you’re still struggling to write and keep it casual…don’t write. That’s right I said don’t write, talk. There’s nothing worse than that blank page staring back at you when you’re feeling creatively stifled. Talk through this mental blockage; try recording a conversation. This stream of consciousness will lead to a wealth of ideas to cover on your blog. You can transcribe your recording and edit together the post or even upload the original recording itself to provide your more auditory followers with a new way of consuming your content.

Look Around

To work through a creative blockage, turn to your followers and community for content ideas. Through social media and newsfeeds, you can tune into any subject for discussion. The hashtag was literally created to track trends, so use this to your advantage! Search hashtags in your wheelhouse to find out what is getting people excited. What are they talking about? Tapping into this resource allows you to be in the know on all the trending topics and stories in real time, get involved in the conversation and create content based off of it.

Finding inspiration can seem hopeless sometimes, but there are so many resources to utilize and methods to unclog your blockage. Readers want to see original content, so free your mind, let your creativity flow and generate that creative content. As the old saying goes “you get out what you put in!”

About the Author: Dian Griesel is a strategic visibility expert, an author of several business books on corporate communications and the president of Dian Griesel International, a public relations firm that delivers traditional, digital and social media visibility for greater engagement with desired audiences.

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