Gambling And Public Relations

Gambling And Public Relations


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5W Public Relations

These days, the gambling industry isn’t located in Las Vegas, it’s practically everywhere, and that’s thanks to the technological advances making them available on our phones via betting apps. This information, as well as the fact that two years ago, the United States Supreme Court overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, meant that aside from people betting on their favorite sports teams, now, many public relations agency leaders are also making their bets that this marketplace is going to be a large business field. 

Plenty of public relations agencies have started working on taking the sports gambling industry to the forefront specifically, as integrating betting into the experience of cheering while keeping up with sports is a big industry worldwide, in countries where it’s been legal for decades. Unlike many of the other jobs within the gambling and betting industry, the public relations professionals that focus on this industry are actually working more closely with gaming providers rather than the government regulators or auditors. 

When it comes to PR experts in the gambling field, they must be experts in many other fields aside from public relations, including gambling law, taxation, accounting as well as regulation. These people tend to have extensive PR experience, know the ins and outs of the gambling industry and be professionals at customer relations. 

In terms of sports business, the industry of sports betting is currently emerging and growing, and it’s an excellent place for both brands and teams to engage with sports fans, both old and young. The industry is undergoing a large landscape shift, and anyone that wants to keep up with public relations should be on top of it. 

Some, like industry leader Betcris do endorsement deals, sponsorships and more. 

What can PR Agencies do for the Betting Industry? 

Before the Supreme Court decided to repeal PASPA, any type of gambling in general, and betting on sports in particular, used to carry a lot of negative stigmas. It used to be seen as a vice that people could only participate in if it was illegal or if it was happening in Las Vegas. 

However, after the Supreme Court’s decision, it was up to public relations agencies to help improve the public’s image of sports betting by working with companies such as DraftKings or MGM. It practically became a part of the job description for anyone working to bridge the gap between the public and sports betting to both educate as well as excite sports fans about this new way of experiencing their favorite sports teams. 

Finally, the results that the public has seen in terms of the overcoming of sports gambling stigma are immense: sports betting companies have started sponsorships in the digital and traditional media, with more people joining in on the fun of waging against or on a sports team or athlete. 

Aside from educating the public on how to gamble in a responsible manner, the PR experts in this field are still in charge of strengthening the bonds between sports teams and companies, the sports fans and the betting companies, as it’s done with all other industries.



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