Fundamental PR Strategies for Tech Companies


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

Some tech companies are struggling to communicate their successes and increase their brand awareness in the global technology marketplace.

Companies that fail to communicate aggressively and proficiently will fall behind their competition, and have to invest time and resources they don’t really have just playing catch up… even if they have better ideas than the companies getting all the press.

So, what do tech companies in Israel, large and small, need to do to make sure their PR efforts are as successful as their research and development? 

Start with the Basics

Every company or brand needs to have a fundamental understanding of who their best target market is, as well as where they fit in the marketplace, both locally and worldwide. This requires precise and ongoing research to determine exactly what niche need your company meets, and who your ultimate target customer really is.

This is the place where you leave assumption behind and trust to professional research and accurate data crunching. Because, if you get this step wrong, or if you skip it entirely, you will always face the reality that you could be doing better with less and reaching more people who are more apt to be more loyal to your brand.

Communicating Your Core Message

As Brian Gefter an event marketer has noted, “The basis for any communication program or strategy begins with and is defined by your core message. What is your unique market offering? What is it about your brand that people will connect with and want to pay attention to?” 

Once you have that idea, you need to be able to accurately and effectively communicate that core message through multiple media channels. This begins with a carefully cultivated media relations program. You need to determine who your key media partners should be and build relationships with those partners.

This is not about sending out “the perfect press release.” This is about defining your brand and what you bring to the table to the people who are best positioned to communicate that to your target market. This could be traditional media, digital media, social media, influencers, or a combination of each of these. Whatever the message is, the first step is to build rapport and trust with the media partner.

Content and SEO

While media relations is vital, not all communication should be between your brand and the media. Today’s marketplace of ideas is ripe with opportunities for brands to connect directly with their target audience through smart SEO and well-written content. Topical blogs and connective social media content are still an important part of a balanced and effective marketing and PR program.

Storytelling is vital here. While tech companies can get mired down in the math and the jargon, the consumer public wants to more than how it works. They want to know what it will do for them. How it will make their life and the world better. Wow them, shock them, intrigue them… just don’t bore them.

Ronn Torossian - CEO - 5WPRAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of NYC based 5WPR.