Friday, Sept 20, 2013 (Highlights: Importance of Social Listening; Apps That Pay You; 3-D Printing is Jumping The Shark; NYT Co. to Pay 4-Cent Dividend; Bank Crises–Blame the French; Are QR Codes Dead?)

 Friday, September 20, 2013




‘Hello,’ Now What? 4 Things To Do After The First Meeting
The Hiring Hub…By Marie Raperto
I’m always advising readers to network, network, network. I’m a strong believer in the power of professional networking. However, networking is not a one time meet-and-greet. It’s a continuous process that you must manage correctly. Let’s set the scenario: You are at a conference and have collected a bunch of business cards. Now, you’re back at home. Here are your next steps …

Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility
By Dylan Nord, Partner Relations and Social Media Manager,
Earlier this year, we wrote about how charitable support is becoming a more prominent marketing strategy for some of the largest and most powerful brands in the world. By donating a percentage of sales, brands can differentiate themselves. It’s a model that our own company,, allows consumers to apply to over 2,600 online merchants. users …

How To Grow Your Business And Have The Life You Want
By Jim Grew, The Grew Company
The owner of a mid-size firm built a beautiful home in Puerta Vallarta. It has a cook, gardener and housekeeper. When he goes there with his family, how much time do you think he spend cooking and cleaning? What about the leader who hangs on to his technical roots, participating in the solution to every problem in his business? (Well, except obvious outliers like IT, HR and accounting.)

Apps That Pay You
Editor’s Note: This infographic was published by Top Apps. Have a look. There are some interesting mobile marketing ideas. What are some of your favorite apps?




The Importance of Social Listening
VIDEO: For the PR ROI Channel
Visionary Andrew Bowins, SVP of External Communications at MasterCard discusses the role of social listening and personalized engagement in business transformation at MasterCard.

Are QR Codes Dead?
By Tim Brechlin, Inbound Marketing Manager, WhatCounts: For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
In a recent webinar I hosted courtesy of the American Marketing Association, Five Digital Marketing Strategies to Rock the Holidays, one of the questions that was posed during the Q&A session was in response to a suggestion I posed about putting a QR code in a restroom stall in order to facilitate an email opt-in …

To Pique Your Interest
For the Agile Engagement Channel
The Teton Range in Wyoming has 12 peaks that are over 12,000 feet in elevation. The highest peak is the Grand Teton, which has a staggering height of 13,770 feet. The reason I’m bringing this up is that I’ll be spending a couple of weeks visiting family who live in Wyoming, near Grand Teton National Park.This is a part of the country I’ve not visited before, so naturally, my curiosity is piqued.




Content to Conversion: Setting the Stage for Success
Content is your catalyst, creating audience engagement. When content is king, earned media plays a stronger role in driving your organization’s success. But don’t lose sight of what your content is supposed to achieve! At the start of every campaign you must ask, “What is the action that you want your audience to take next?” Be it views, shares or sales, actions are one of the keys to every …

Set Your Conference Strategy to Maximize Your Experience
PRSA 2013 International Conference
Strategy. In our profession, we’re thinking about strategy all the time. How can we reach our target audiences in the most effective, efficient and creative ways possible? At the PRSA 2013 International Conference, there will be many sessions and many conversations focused on that holy grail of the perfect strategic approach. But have you planned your personal strategy for the …




Anger Spreads Like the Plague on Social Media, Study Shows
Digital Trends
If you want to get retweeted, sound like an angry crank. That’s the lesson of a newly released study (pdf) by researchers at China’s Beihang University, which investigated how messages containing different emotions spread on social networks. In 2010, computer science researcher Rui Fan and his team collected 70 million “tweets” from 200,000 users of Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like social network popular in China. (In fact, Weibo has roughly twice the number of users as Twitter does, some 500 million.)

YouTube Explains How Offline Videos Will Work in Memo to Partners
Tech Spot
YouTube will soon allow users to view videos sans Internet connection. Google briefly announced the feature in a recent blog post but a more recent memo issued to YouTube strategic partners sheds a bit more light on the subject. According to the memo intercepted by All Things D, the feature – which will require the YouTube mobile app – is scheduled to go live this November. It’ll launch with all partners enabled unless they wish to opt out early. As for the service itself, users will be able to set aside content they wish to watch at a later date (presumably when an Internet connection might not be handy).

Skype to Roll Out Rich Media and Android Advertising
On Tuesday, Skype announced it will launch advertising on Skype for Android later this month, with plans to distribute the ads to 55 global markets within the next several months. It also launched rich media ad formats for iOS in nine countries, and rich media for Android OS in ten countries. Rich media capabilities include video, animation, tap to play a game and some social media features. “We had advertising but now offering a deeper, richer experience in iOS,” says Lovina McMurchy, general manager, Skype Advertising.

Cause Marketing Getting Back On Track
Media Post
According to IEG, sponsorship spending on causes is expected to reach nearly $1.8 billion this year, up 4.8% over 2012’s levels. That is a significant increase over the 1.2% growth from 2011 to 2012. Last year’s relatively small increase can be attributed to two overriding factors: the Susan G. Komen Foundation controversy over cutting grants to Planned Parenthood chapters and Hurricane Sandy, says Jim Andrews, senior vice president and content director at IEG.

Google is on the Way to Quietly Becoming an Electric Utility
You probably won’t be receiving a utility bill from Google anytime soon, but the search giant is slowly but surely morphing into a literal power broker. Yesterday (Sept. 17), for instance, Google announced that it would buy all the electricity generated by the 240-megawatt Happy Hereford wind farm to be built near Amarillo, Texas. Google’s main goal is to make itself greener. Google Energy, the company’s power subsidiary, which has a US government license to buy and sell energy like any utility…

Will the Peer-to-Peer Market Phenomenon Survive?
Not long ago it would have been tough to borrow a stranger’s dog without getting arrested for dog-napping. But not any more. Peer-to-peer lending – where instead of buying products, you rent or share them – is taking off. It has been heralded as the “new industrial revolution”, and a solution to the conundrum of a world with a growing population but rapidly diminishing resources. This “collaborative economy” is estimated to be worth more than $26bn (£16.5bn).




In Bank Crises, Blame the French
JPMorgan agreed to pay $920 million in fines to settle charges over the $6 Billion ‘London Whale’ loss. If that sounds like a big number, don’t worry: JPMorgan will get over it. Shares are down less than one percent – and that’s after rising on Tuesday, when news that a settlement was coming first broke. For the bank, think of it as teachable moment that’s already made JPMorgan, as chief executive Jamie Dimon says in the company’s press release, “a stronger, smarter, better” company.

Canada to Set Up New Securities Regulator
The New York Times
Thwarted by a court ruling blocking it from unilaterally establishing a national securities regulator, the government of Canada joined with two provinces to form a “cooperative” agency on Thursday. Initially the as yet to be named regulator will cover only the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario, the latter being the center of Canada’s capital markets. Canada is unusual in not having a national securities overseer.

China Opens First Direct Bank
China Daily
The Bank of Beijing began China’s first direct bank operation on Wednesday, a novel mode predicted to preponderate in the era of online banking. Cooperating with the Netherlands-based ING Group, the Bank of Beijing has initially launched direct bank services in cities of Beijing, Xi’an and Jinan, said Shi Zhan, a senior manager at the Bank of Beijing. A new mode that has proven popular in the European and US markets, direct banking does not rely on entity outlets, instead offering financial products and services mainly via the Internet, telephones and ATMs.

Four Out of Five Australian Firms Maintain Meeting Blackout Period
IR Magazine
A snap poll conducted by the Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) finds 80 percent of companies in the country have a blackout period governing meetings with analysts and investors. Of those, 70 percent say their quiet period – in which IR teams will not meet with analysts or investors – last from …

New York Times Company To Pay a 4-Cent Dividend
The New York Times
The New York Times Company announced on Thursday that it would pay a quarterly dividend to its shareholders for the first time in five years. The company’s board voted to approve a dividend of 4 cents a share to all shareholders of record as of Oct. 9, 2013. It will be paid on Oct. 24, the week before The Times announces its third-quarter earnings. The Times has not paid a dividend since Dec. 14, 2008.




US Military Scientists Solve the Fundamental Problem of Viral Marketing
MIT Technology Review
Viral messages begin life by infecting a few individuals and then start to spread across a network. The most infectious end up contaminating more or less everybody. Just how and why this happens is the subject of much study and debate. Network scientists know that key factors are the rate at which people become infected, the “connectedness” of the network and how the seed group of individuals, who first become infected, are linked to the rest.

Emmys: Marketing Pact Puts Samsung TVs In Awards Show
In its first business initiative under new president and chief operating officer Lucy Hood. the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has struck a marketing alliance with Samsung Electronics America that calls for the consumer-electronics giant’s smart TVs to be featured prominently during this Sunday’s broadcast of the 65th Annual Emmy Awards on CBS. An 85-inch ultra high definition Samsung S9 smart TV will appear on stage during a specific sequence of the show, said Peggy Ang, vice president of marketing communications at Samsung Electronics America.

Dmexco: ‘Brands Aren’t Something We Put on Facebook to Make Money, they are Part of the Experience,’ States FaceBook’s Director of Engineering
The Drum
Facebook’s director of engineering, Andrew Bosworth, has predicted that brands will help people “navigate” a world with too much information while calling on marketers to see people as individuals and to invest more in content when developing campaigns for the platform. Speaking at Dmexco, Bosworth opened by explaining his view that brands…

An Early Evangelist Warns That 3-D Printing Is Jumping The Shark
Fast Company
“Things are very, very fast. You draw something in the morning and you can print it in the evening.” That’s designer Ron Arad, extolling the virtues of 3-D printing, the method he used to create a series of spirally sculptures for Milan design week in 2000, which put the technology on the radar for many in the art and design worlds. But now the designer is warning of “abuse” of a technology he helped popularize. He says creators are using it excessively or are fetishizing what is simply a means of production as a way to market the uniqueness of their products.




GLASSLANDIA: The First Google Glass Reality Show About HJMT Public Relations Inc.
The first ever Google Glass reality show, “Glasslandia” will premiere on October 16, 2013 on YouTube at 7:00 p.m. The show will follow the real life story of Hilary JM Topper, President and CEO of HJMT Public Relations Inc. and one of the 8,000 chosen to beta test Google Glass as a Google Explorer. “By wearing Glass, I’m able to show viewers a new perspective. They will watch my life unfold literally through my eyes,” says Topper. Through Glass, Topper invites the public to take a sneak peek into her life, including her business, family, hobbies, and more.

In The New Age Of PR, Every Company Competes With Content
Fast Company
So says Jessica Bennett, Editorial Director of Lean In, in a recent interview in The Strategist. My ire always rises a bit when I read something like that since that visceral anti-PR thinking reflects what I consider to be an antiquated idea of public relations. In fact, as journalists embrace branded content and PR practitioners cozy up to content marketing, the two disciplines are moving closer together. Journalists, in my experience (Confession: I’m a former reporter who at one point looked down my nose at PR people), often associate PR with spinning and propaganda…




Advertising Gains Trust Over the Years
Marketing Pilgrim
Nielsen’s latest Trust in Advertising research shows that while we sound skeptical about advertising we aren’t acting like it. Take a look at this chart from the survey. The only form of advertising showing a negative trend is newspapers. This might be the final nail in that coffin. Text, banner and search ads all show significant uptick in the trust placed in them by consumers.

Pinterest: Here Come The Ads (But They’ll Be Tasteful!)
After a long wait and rampant speculation, Pinterest today said it’s finally going to start running ads on its popular visual bookmarking service. Recalling Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, Pinterests “promoted pins’ ads will start appearing in the next few weeks. At first, during a test period, advertisers won’t pay, while Pinterest figures out how the ads are working and whether they’re annoying users. They’ll appear near the top of search results and category feeds.

Dish’s Ad-Skipping Feature Survives ABC’s Shutdown Bid
Dish Network Corp. (DISH)’s ad-skipping recording feature survived a court bid by Walt Disney Co. (DIS)’s ABC television to shut it down almost a year after a Los Angeles judge rejected a similar effort by other broadcasters. ABC’s request for a preliminary injunction against the ad-skipping service was denied yesterday by U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain, who placed her opinion under seal because it contained confidential business information, according to a filing in federal court in Manhattan.

Local TV Needs Multiplatform Auto Options
TV News Check
Despite this year’s record-breaking growth, the auto industry isn’t expected to grow much over the next five years. In turn, TV advertising should be part of the industry’s precision marketing plan to reach a relatively small group of potential buyers. Or so says Ian Beavis, EVP of Nielsen’s auto group, who addressed the state of the car industry, and what that means to broadcasters, Wednesday at the TVB Forward conference in New York. “I believe there is an opportunity here for the TV industry and [automotive advertisers] to have a better connection with consumers,” Beavis said. “Television in all forms is essential” to the success of the car business.

Spot Shares Moments of Better Cruise Memories
The New York Times
CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES is introducing a new advertising campaign on Monday that it hopes will help it recover from the negative publicity it received when its ship, the Triumph, caught fire last February and stranded passengers and crew in the Gulf of Mexico. The cruise line has not run any television advertising and only limited digital advertising since the fire, which stranded 4,200 passengers and crew members for five days and became a cause célebrè in the media.




Yes, Apple Is Working on a Fix for the iOS 7 Lock Screen Hack
All Things D
When it debuted Wednesday, iOS 7 brought with it a slew of bug fixes to Apple’s mobile operating system, but it brought a new vulnerability as well – one that can be exploited to bypass the lock screen on iOS devices. Like most iOS lock screen vulnerabilities, the hack to exploit it is somewhat involved (see video below). But once it’s performed, it affords access to an iPhone’s stored photos…

GoDaddy Buys Domain Marketplace Afternic
PC World
Domain name provider GoDaddy acquired domain marketplace Afternic from NameMedia in a move to make it easier for small business owners to buy domain names. The acquisition is GoDaddy’s fourth in the last 14 months. GoDaddy also will acquire domain parking service SmartName and business name generator NameFind from NameMedia, it said Thursday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Afternic, based in Waltham, Massachusetts, provides a marketplace for domain owners to sell their domains. It lists more than 5 million domain names and more…

‘AllThingsD’ Team Parts Ways With Dow Jones
Dow Jones has decided to part ways with the operators of All Things Digital, the conference and technology news site founded by veteran journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher (pictured above) in 2007. The contract between Dow Jones and its founders is set to expire at the end of the year. Last month, Fortune reported that Mossberg and Swisher had hired investment bank Code Advisors to find outside investors while it negotiated new contracts with Dow Jones. Mossberg and Swisher were – and may still be – seeking $10 million to $15 million…





Announcing This Year’s Theme and Agenda for the 2013 Pivot Conferece: The Total Digital Experience.
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