Friday, Nov 22, 2013: PR Trends for 2014; Crisis Management & the Smartphone Scandal; Native Links – Future of Advertising; 10 Predictions for China’s 2014 Economy

 Friday, November 22, 2013




Crisis Management and Solidifying the Smartphone Scandal
By James Pearson, EVP, Corporate Communications, Brightline
Who knew that the smartphone could be a deadly weapon? If I could not see Rob Ford lose his cool, and all his other colorful behavior so poetically captured on smartphone, would it have been less easy to prove? This week Ford, the controversial Mayor of Toronto, was finally and unanimously stripped of his power (though not removed from his post) for alleged crack smoking …

How a Top Google Ranking Nearly Bankrupted My Company
By Vladimir Gendelman, Founder/CEO, Company Folders Inc.
You’ve probably heard the phrase, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” For too many businesses, that basket’s name is Google. As the founder and CEO of Company Folders, an online folder printer, I can testify to the danger of investing too many resources in just one tactic-especially when that tactic relies on something completely outside of your control. In early 2012, my company …

Native Links: The Future of Advertising
By Oliver Deighton, Vice President of Marketing, VigLink
Native advertising is becoming all the rage as marketers (and publishers) realize that they might get more clicks if they’re relevant. We’re seeing see the rise of “sponsored posts, promoted actions like tweets and pins, and of course the ubiquitous “you might also like” or “from around the web” ‘recommendations.’ I would argue, however, that original site content–not third party syndicated …

Marketing: Making an Impact Without a Big Budget
By Matt Sommer,Owner, Brolik Productions
The speed that digital marketing trends are changing presents constant opportunities for smaller, more agile companies to make a big difference in their visibility. As new platforms and technologies take the stage, there is always a chance to stand out before they are inundated with the huge marketing budgets that follow. A few fundamental changes in technologies and concepts …




PR Trends for 2014: Focused Content & Multiple Formats Appeal to Niche Audiences
By Sarah Skerik, Vice President, Content Marketing, PR Newswire: For the Agile Engagement Channel
It’s that time of year when we start to reflect upon the past and consider the future, and take stock of our personal skills and development. The significant changes in the digital media environment that are so instrumental in shaping public …

Creating The Right Digital Team Critical To Success
For the Strategic Video Communications Channel
Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, talks with Gemma Craven, Executive Vice President of Social@Ogilvy about creating your digital team at the PR News Digital Summit. “I think that one big mistake is trying to force fit one candidate into a role that’s not their core skill set. Trying to retain talent by shoving them into a digital team for example, is not the way to go …

Media Evaluation from the Eyes of a CIPR PRIME Research Fellow
By Bart Misiak, 2013 CIPR PRIME Research Fellowship Winner: For the PR ROI Channel
Having spent three weeks at PRIME, I have gained a new appreciation and understanding for applied research in public relations. One of the major differences between applied and theoretical research is that applied …




Professional Services: What’s New, What Works, What Doesn’t
Andrea K. Stimmel is a leader in the field of professional services marketing and business development. She served as the Chief Marketing Officer /Director of Business Development for four of the country’s largest law firms and three leading accounting and consulting firms. Last year, Andrea founded LawFirmBuilders LLC, a full-service marketing agency. Andrea is …

Protecting Your Company from Fraud: How to Safeguard Your Data, Revenue and Bottom Line
When you’re “In the Office” with Daniel W. Draz, M.S., CFE of Fraud Solutions, the world is filled with fraud, shady characters and nefarious activity…24/7. Draz gets to the heart of who’s targeting your organizations, what they’re after, how they’ll try to get it and what the potential impact will be.Pull up a chair and listen as …




The Center for Internet Security Offers Tips for Avoiding Online Scams on Cyber Monday
EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) announced tips to help consumers protect themselves from cyber scams while shopping online this holiday season and throughout the year. CIS will conduct a Twitter conversation on Cyber Monday, December 2, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm ET to share information and raise awareness online security. Join @CISecurity, hashtag: #CISChat.


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Dow Closes Above 16000, But Some Economists Are Worried
Christian Science Monitor
It’s been a year of records for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and for the first time in history, it closed above 16000 points on Thursday. The Dow ended the day at 16009.99, up 109.17 points or 0.69 percent. Thursday’s gains put the blue-chip index up 22 percent this year – on pace to break the record annual rally of 25 percent in 2003. The Dow is also up 145 percent since the Great Recession lows of 2009.

Ten Predictions for China’s Economy in 2014
Harvard Business Review
China has recently made major decisions about its economic future. On November 15, 2013, China announced dramatic new social and economic policies contemplating much greater reliance on market forces than it has in the past and inviting private-sector participation and foreign competition in industries long previously controlled by the central government. It also relaxed its one-child policy, opening the country and its people to vast new opportunities and inspiring new hopes and dreams.

FCC Considers Lifting Cell Phone Ban on Planes
The Federal Communications Commission is considering green-lighting the use of cellphones and mobile broadband services on airplanes above 10,000 feet. The agency, which has restricted the use of cellular devices for making phone calls or surfing the Web in-flight, is circulating a proposed rulemaking among its commissioners. The agency will introduce the item at its December open meeting…

Mobile Shoppers Favor Retailer Sites Over Apps
Media Post
The vast majority of smartphone owners use their devices to shop, but they’re more likely to turn to retailers’ mobile Web sites than their apps. Despite the rise of so-called showrooming, people are still more likely to shop using smartphones at home than in stores. Those are among the key findings of a new NPD Group study that found three quarters of smartphone owners are using their handsets as part of their overall shopping experience.

Planning the Next Bounceback
The Economist
SAMULI SIMOJOKI knew the outcome was a formality, but he still wanted his say, “not so much as a Nokia shareholder, but as a Finn.” Mr Simojoki, a lawyer from Helsinki, was one of the 3,200 who attended the company’s extraordinary general meeting on November 19th. He voted against the only motion, the proposed sale of Nokia’s mobile-phone division to Microsoft for 3.8 billion ($5.4 billion) in cash. More than 99% of votes were cast in favour.




Sony TV Execs Talk Up Global Opportunities
Sony has its eye on television, telling investors that it will become more central to its entertainment strategy. That’s a change from a few years ago, Sony Pictures Television president Steve Mosko says: The Japanese company couldn’t buy television stations in the U.S. and had “no cohesive global strategy.” But he says Sony has turned that around and now benefits from its freedom to produce TV shows for anyone, and seize opportunities in growing overseas economies.

Intel Chairman: “We Seemed to Have Lost Our Way”
All Things D
Long a beneficiary of the falling cost of computing power, chipmaker Intel acknowledged Thursday that it was beaten at its own game. Moore’s law, the industry term coined by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, suggests that computing will always get cheaper and smaller, but it was Intel’s rivals that benefitted from the most recent shifts to tablets and mobile devices.




Verizon Wireless Offers $5-A-Day Data For Tablets
Tablets are expected to be one of the hottest gadget gift items for Holiday 2013. And Verizon Wireless has a new daily data plan that will get customers hooked up to the company’s 4G LTE network for $5 a day. On Thursday, Verizon Wireless announced the introduction of a new $5-a-day data plan for customers with tablets and other Internet connected devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy camera.

The Most Powerful Word in Ecommerce Marketing
Practical Commerce
The word “no” may be the most powerful marketing tool available to ecommerce owners and marketers. If used properly, the word “no” emphasizes planning, encourages making good choices, provides freedom and control, and recognizes that every ecommerce business great or small has limits. In some cases, “no” will be applied to good ideas or good marketing tactics, but when that happens, it is at its best.




Wikipedia Blames Texas PR Firm for Skewing Hundreds of Entries
The Verge
The Wikimedia Foundation this week accused a Texas-based public relations firm of creating hundreds of fake Wikipedia entries on behalf of its clients, as part of a widespread scam that was uncovered last month. The firm, Wiki-PR, is believed to have created more than 300 fake accounts used to edit Wikipedia pages – a practice known as “sockpuppeting” – thereby threatening the principles of objectivity and neutrality that the encyclopedia was founded upon. The Wikimedia Foundation and its lawyers, Cooley LLP, sent a cease-and-desist letter to the company on Tuesday…

The PR Genius Who Helped Make the Pope Popular: Francis’s Marketing Mastermind, An Ex US Journalist Who Belongs to Opus Dei
Daily Mail
Trying on a firefighter’s helmet, allowing a young boy to hug his leg during a mass and phoning up his followers for a chat are just a few of the ways Pope Francis has attracted headlines in the last few months. And after years of negative press, the Catholic Church is basking in the ‘Francis Effect’ which has been credited with a 20 per cent rise in congregations in Britain, and similar boosts around the world.

Sprint is the Worst of the Four Major Carriers in Service Ratings List
Mobile Burn
Sprint is the third-largest carrier in the United States; however, when it comes to the satisfaction levels of those millions of subscribers, the Now Network is rated as the worst carrier in the country, according to Consumer Reports. The annual Consumer Reports services ratings, based on a 58,000-person survey, found that Sprint’s ratings have dropped from being second best to worst among the major carriers.




Twitter Can Now Target Any Ad to TV Fans
Twitter has enhanced its ability to let advertisers reach users tweeting about TV, announcing a new tool that serves “promoted tweets” to anyone talking about a specific program. This summer, the social company rolled out a TV ad-targeting product for U.S. advertisers. That let TV advertisers buy sponsored messages targeted at Twitter users who are assumed to have also seen their spots on TV (based on a proprietary algorithm).

Top 20 Most Shared Ads of 2013: Evian Babies, Ship My Pants, #DancePonyDance and More
The Drum
A three-minute video from Dove is the most shared branded video of 2013, Unruly has found, attracting 4.24 million shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere since its launch in April. The 2013 Top 20 Global Social Video Ads Chart from Unruly, unveiled today, ranks the branded videos with the most shares.

Obama Campaign Media, Analytics Gurus Partner Up
Roll Call
A relationship fostered over the course of the president’s re-election campaign morphed Thursday into a partnership to capitalize on the two Democratic consulting firms’ data and media capabilities. GMMB, a top Democratic advertising firm, and Civis Analytics, a big data firm launched by a group of former Obama campaign staffers, announced a new effort that will offer campaigns, non-profits and brands similar voter targeting and media buying that helped President Barack Obama in 2012.




A Viral Video Encourages Girls to Become Engineers
The New York Times
Who said girls want to dress in pink and play with dolls, especially when they could be building Rube Goldberg machines instead? That is the message of a video that has gone viral since it was posted on YouTube this week – an ad for GoldieBlox, a start-up toy company that sells games and books to encourage girls to become engineers.




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