Friday, May 31, 2013 (Highlights: Eureka Moments, Bizzabo Engagement, New Face of Disaster Recovery, Sun-Times Layoffs Opening Doors, IRevolution Continues, Marketing the McDiet)

 Friday, May 31, 2013



Contributing to Your Company’s ‘Eureka Moments’: Encouraging Employee Creativity
By Justin Brady, Creativity Cultivator, Test of Time Design
Every company envies the innovative and creative culture of their competitors. They want new “Eureka Moments” that create hot new markets and ideas. We see positive examples all around us, tools and tips abound, but the competitors remain creative and others are stuck. They observe creative leaders, they …

How Marketo Used Bizzabo to Engage the Marketing Nation
By Heather Watkins, Senior Manager of Customer Communities and Programs, Marketo
The Marketo Summit is a yearly user conference where customers, prospects and partners come together to learn marketing automation best practices, take hands-on training, and find new solutions to drive customer engagement and revenue growth. This year’s theme was centered on the theme of …

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media — The New Face of Disaster Recovery
Infographic developed by Eric Covino of digital marketing and SEO agency, Creative Signals
Editor’s Note: With Social Media usage ever on the rise, social networks have become a prime resource for news and information. Take a look at social media’s growing role in disaster recovery and see how these networks …

(Free Webinar) ASK THE RECRUITER: An Open Discussion for Job Search & Hiring Tips
Insight & Expertise For Business Success-For Employers & Employees
This webinar will be an open forum for sharing your questions and comments with Marie Raperto, executive recruiting professional and the voice of The Hiring Hub blog. Marie’s insights for both the job seekers and employers include …



Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Photographers & Opens Door for Newsworthy Third Party Content
By Sarah Skerik, Vice President, Content Marketing, PR Newswire, for the Agile Engagement Channel
The Chicago Sun-Times’ decision to lay off of its entire photography staff opens the door for PR professionals to garner visibility using visuals for the brands they represent, as long as they keep the audience’s interests firmly in mind.

7 Tips for Transforming Society: Why Leadership of the Future Starts with Silence
By Giles Hutchins, author of The Nature of Business, for the Corporate Social Responsibility Channel
“At times of great winds, some build bunkers, while others build windmills,” goes the ancient Chinese proverb.We are in the midst of the “great winds” of economic instability, social upheaval and environmental un-sustainability.

theIRevolution Continues…
For the Mobile IR Channel
theIRevolution Goes to Hollywood…It’s been nearly one year since we first introduced theIRapp at the NIRI Annual Conference in Seattle Washington. As we get ready again to attend the most important IR event of the year. (Hollywood, Florida June 9-12, 2013) we’re thinking a lot about its theme: “Building Value.” We introduced theIRapp — and last month theIRappFOLIO — as tools to help …

4 Strategies to Grow Your Email Marketing ROI – Tips &Tactics in Free Webinar
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
Learn how to evaluate your email marketing ROI in just minutes. You’ll learn the formula for ROI, computation of its components, and then how to take data you’ve already got and turn it into ROI calculations. From there, you’ll see how to monitor your email marketing ROI in near real-time and the effect your email …

VIDEO: How Journalists and PR Pro’s Can Build A Career Through Credibility and Integrity
For the PRketing® Channel
Mike Bako, Marketing Manager at D S Simon Productions, had the opportunity to speak with WNBC news anchor David Ushery at the 2013 PRSANY Big Apple Awards Gala. Ushery was the recipient of the PRSANY Award for Excellence in Journalism.

INFOGRAPHIC: Top 1,000 YouTube Channels and Their Value to Marketers
For the Latergy Social Video Channel
YouTube has over 1 million content partners accepting advertising. The following infographic offers statistics surrounding the Top 1,000 YouTube Channels as measured by OpenSlate and published on It focuses on the value to advertisers and incorporates quantitative measures of Engagement, …

Social Media IR: Strategy is Everything
For the Social Media IR Channel
Strategy is everything. This is as true today as it was yesterday. It’s as true in the world of Social Media Investor Relations as it was when we only had what we now call traditional IR. In fact, anyone who thinks every IR goal can be achieved with Social Media alone doesn’t have a strategy. Social Media is an excellent tool for creating communities.

4 Digital Communication Rules
For the Digital PR Channel
“The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”– George Bernard Shaw…This is particularly true of the Internet. It’s so easy to publish that we do it without much thought or strategic planning. Use these four rules to improve your digital communication. First Rule: Get to know the audience you want to talk to. Find out as much about the …



Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet: Good, Bad or Somewhere In-Between?
500 million photos are uploaded every day. Sharing of digital information has grown 9 times in five years. And China is leading the digital charge. If you haven’t seen it already, “Queen of the ‘Net” Mary Meeker has uploaded her latest report on Internet trends. Among the highlights: Emerging markets continue to lead in the 8% year-over-year growth in global Internet users, with China adding the most (264 million users from 2008-2012).

Microsoft Outs The New features in Windows 8.1: Here’s What You Need to Know
PC World
Desktop diehards will find a present waiting for them in Windows 8.1, the impending upgrade colloquially dubbed “Windows Blue.” A wonderful, horrible, oh-so-teasing present. The Start button is back-but the Start menu isn’t. Instead, clicking the old familar button will dump you into the modern UI Start screen. While the new feature is notable for adding a helpful visual cue to an operating system rife with hidden menus, it isn’t exactly what people begging for the return of the Start button were looking for.

Will McDonald’s Ditch The Salad?
The Globe and Mail
You can’t win friends with salad – and apparently, McDonald’s is okay with this. The CEO of the big arches announced at a conference this week that the company’s salads are a failing venture, announcing that they make up for a narrow 2 to 3 per cent of total sales. The dollar menu – cheap burgers and fries – generates about 13 to 14 per cent, Don Thompson said.

Amazon Studios Announces New Original TV Series
Amazon has announced the five original TV series it will make this year after seeking customer feedback on 14 pilot shows. Political comedy Alpha House, starring John Goodman, and Betas, a sitcom about Silicon Valley, were among those selected for full series production. Children’s programmes Annebots and animations Creative Galaxy and Tumbleaf will also be made.The shows will initially be shown on Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service.

Sick on a Plane? Odds Good There’s a Doctor On Board And You’ll Be Fine, Study Reveals
Vancouver Sun
Is there a doctor on board? Surprisingly often, there is – in half of in-flight medical emergencies – and sick airline passengers almost always survive, a new study finds. The research is the largest look yet at what happens to people who develop a medical problem on a commercial flight – about 44,000 of the 2.75 billion passengers worldwide each year, researchers estimate.

Larry King Moves to Kremlin-Funded TV Channel
MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Veteran US talk show host Larry King has announced that he is joining Russia Today, a Kremlin-funded English-language TV station that primarily broadcasts Moscow’s views on world affairs. Russia Today director Margarita Simonyan tweeted a link to a TV ad in which the suspenders-wearing veteran makes the grand announcement himself.

AT&T’s New 61-Cent Fee Highlights Wireless Nickel-and-Diming
Time Magazine
AT&T wireless customers have to dig a little deeper into their pockets starting this month after the carrier implemented a 61-cent “administrative fee.” It’s literally pocket change, so this change is unlikely to break the bank for customers, but it’s the latest manifestation of an annoying trend. Wireless carriers are taking a page from airlines’ playbook when it comes to tacking on extra fees and surcharges. The monthly fee they quote stays the same, so they can still compete on price, but customers wind up paying more.

Twitter App Update Makes Photo Sharing Even Easier & Lets Users Proof Tweets Before Going Live
Marketing Land
While you can Tweet in under six seconds, it’s a bit hard to catch the main upgrades. Included in the new version is the ability for users to see the full photo to be tweeted, not just a cropped thumbnail. Additionally, when a user now clicks on the photo button in the Twitter app, they’ll be able to scroll down instantly to see all the gallery photos.

Woman Allegedly Contracted Lipstick-Herpes at Rihanna Concert
Daily Beast
Call it a serious case of Disturbia: A New York City waitress has filed a lawsuit against MAC Cosmetics after alledgedly contracting an STD while visiting the brand’s Rihanna capsule collection pop-up shop at the Barclay’s Center on May 7. Starkeema Greenidge, 28, is claims that a brand representative applied an unsanitized, herpes-infected tube of ‘Riri Woo’ lipstick to her mouth.



Motorola Plans to Make Smartphone in Texas
New York Times
Just like Apple, Google has caught the “Made in America” bug. Motorola Mobility, the handset maker acquired by Google, says its next phone, called Moto X, will be manufactured in the United States. Speaking at the All Things D conference in Southern California on Wednesday, Dennis Woodside, the head of Motorola, said that the company would build its first new flagship phone under Google ownership at a factory outside Fort Worth.

Buffett’s Berkshire Buys Roanoke Times in Latest Newspaper Acquisition
CNN Money
Warren Buffett’s newspaper shopping spree continued Thursday with the announcement that his company will purchase Virginia’s Roanoke Times. BH Media Group, a division of Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA, Fortune 500), will add the Roanoke Times to a stable that includes 29 newspapers in nine states, including the nearby Lynchburg News and Advance. BH Media Group vice president Terry Jamerson called the Times “one of Virginia’s outstanding newspapers and digital enterprises.”

Board Director Pay Hits Record $251,000 for 250 Hours
Pay for directors at Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (SPX) companies rose to a record average of $251,000 last year, the sixth straight year of increased compensation since federal rules began requiring disclosure. Boards have boosted pay for their members a total of 15 percent since 2007, data compiled by Bloomberg show. Fidelity National Information Services Inc. (FIS) topped the list after handing out a $9.5 million retention bonus. News Corp. (NWSA) and Costco Wholesale Corp. (COST), which awarded some directors more than $1 million in consulting fees, came in second and third.

News Corp to Cut Ties With London Market
Telegraph UK
The company, which is also listed on the Nasdaq in New York and in Mr Murdoch’s native Australia, said it would delist on 28 June after London trades dropped to less than 1pc of global volumes.The move comes as owner Rupert Murdoch continues to direct the focus of his media giant towards the United States where the vast majority of its profits are made. It coincides with a radical restructuring of News Corp, announced on Wednesday.

Utility Mega-Mergers Seen as Unlikely as Buffett Spurs Interest
Warren Buffett’s $5.6 billion electricity utility takeover shows a market ripe for similar-sized deals and not mega-mergers, a utility mergers and acquisitions adviser said. Buffett’s MidAmerican Energy Holding Co.’s purchase of Las Vegas-based NV Energy Inc. (NVE), announced yesterday, and a May 28 gas utility deal were probably spurred by a month-long drop in stock prices that has made utilities more attractive to cash buyers, David Herr, a Philadelphia-based managing director with investment bank Duff & Phelps, said in a phone interview Thursday.

Sony Hires Morgan Stanley, Citi to Gauge Spin-Off Option -CNBC
Sony Corp has tapped Morgan Stanley and Citigroup to help sound out options for its entertainment business, according to a media report.Cable television network CNBC reported on Thursday that Sony has hired the two banks but that the process was still in an exploratory stage. CNBC cited an unnamed source.



Marketing the ‘McDiet’: McDonald’s CEO Says He Lost 20 Pounds By Being More Active, But He Still Eats McDonald’s Daily
Vancouver Sun
They might start calling it the McDiet. McDonald Corp.’s CEO Don Thompson revealed at an analyst conference this week that he shed about 20 pounds in the past year by getting his “butt up” and “working out again.” But he said he hasn’t changed his habit of eating at McDonald’s “every, single day.” Thompson, who has been on the job for less than a year, was responding to a question about how the world’s biggest hamburger chain is adapting amid growing concerns about obesity.

Kellogg’s Pays $4 Million Settlement After Claiming Frosted Mini Wheats Make You Smarter
Business Insider
Kellogg has agreed to pay $4 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over the marketing claims it made for Frosted Mini-Wheats. The company, which also makes Frosted Flakes, Eggo waffles and Pop Tarts, was sued for saying that the cereal improved children’s attentiveness, memory and other cognitive functions.

Automakers Refresh, Expand Luxury Car Offerings
Detroit News
As consumer confidence continues to recover, the luxury car market is reaping the rewards and premium automakers are refreshing or expanding their model lineups. Take the following examples – three different faces of the increasingly fragmented luxury car sector.

Tesla Readies Smaller, Cheaper Crossover, Sedan By 2017
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA.O) is working on a small crossover vehicle that will share its basic underpinnings with a new compact sedan that is expected to reach dealers “in the next three to four years,” Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said Thursday. The new models will be smaller and less expensive than Tesla’s $70,000 Model S sedan, which went on sale last summer, and the upcoming Model X crossover that’s due in 2014, he said.




Kmart’s ‘Big Gas Savings’ Ad Outperforms ‘Ship My Pants’
Ad Age Digital Next
Kmart’s ‘Ship My Pants’ video may have taken YouTube by storm, but it’s the retailer’s follow up — ‘Big Gas Savings’ — that’s truly outperforming. According to Advertising Benchmark Index, which measures ads’ effectiveness across all media channels, Kmart’s second punny ad scored well above average and performed well in all of the areas ABX measures. It’s quite the coup for a brand not exactly well-known for out-of-the-box advertising.

WHO: Urge Ban on Tobacco Advertising, Promotion, Sponsorship
Voice of America
May 31 iwas World No Tobacco Day. The message from the World Health Organization to governments around the globe is to ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. That’s to try and prevent children from taking up smoking and to encourage smokers to quit. Tobacco kills nearly six million people every year, and the numbers are only expected to rise.

This Advertising Is Completely Fake And It’s Brilliant
Every now and then an advertising or marketing campaign comes along that not only catches my eye but makes me sit up and take notice. For any number of reasons, be it the design, the words, the production value and so on. Such is the case with a new print ad campaign from perhaps what many may consider an unlikely source: a public television station.




The Social Media Editor is Dead
By April 19, the manhunt for two brothers suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon had been ongoing for four days, and the Twitterati were growing weary. Brian Ries, of The Daily Beast, confessed he was “so tired.” Huffington Post’s Craig Kanalley saw that and raised: “so, so, so tired,” he wrote. Earlier that day, “for those just joining us” at 11 a.m., Kanalley had cited Reuters’ Anthony De Rosa and BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski as sympathetic to “what last 12 hours have been like,” prompting Conz Preti, a social media strategist, to offer up cookies and coffee.

A New Approach: How Can Ad and PR Agencies Benefit From Working Alongside One Another?
Congratulations to Beattie McGuinness Bungay and Simon Kelner on the launch of their PR arm, Seven Dials, splashed by Campaign as its lead story two weeks ago. The very fact a PR launch was afforded the coveted front page of Campaign is a surprise in itself and perhaps a metaphor for wider change. But what does it mean to launch a PR agency alongside an ad agency?

New Publicity ‘Woes’: Beyonce Unhappy with H&M’s Airbrushed Campaign, Report Reveals
Toronto Sun
Bosses at fashion giant H&M reportedly dumped photographs of Beyonce from a publicity campaign after the singer complained her famous curves had been airbrushed.The singer signed up as the face of the Swedish company’s 2013 summer collection and she posed in the range’s signature bikinis and swimsuits for a global advertising drive.However, she clashed with company bosses after realizing they wanted to use doctored photographs that made her look slimmer – and the executives eventually backed down and agreed to use only natural shots of the star, according to British newspaper The Sun.

Learning SEO For PR? Master These Top 3 Best Practices
If helping our clients be more visible is the heartbeat of public relations, then learning to integrate basic SEO skills into the work we are doing is key in keeping that heartbeat strong. SEO for PR is a “must know” skill. Every senior-level PR and content marketing professional should have a solid understanding of how SEO works and how it applies to their own work.For the overall agency or company, SEO should be part of the standard writing and proofing processes as content is filtering through production, and included as a basic skill integrated into the continued learning culture of the organization. It should also START the content creation process, not be wrapped in at the end.




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