Friday, May 30, 2014: Technology Holding Women Back In The Newsroom; The Cigarette Of The Future; How Much Is A Reality TV Company Worth? Innovating As A Team

 Friday, May 30, 2014




Mission Impossible: As A CEO Are You Up To The Challenge Of Disruptive Innovation?
By Lou Solomon, Founder, Interact
By Lou Solomon, Founder, Interact Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Get quick and superior results on Wall Street and sustain notable growth indefinitely in a fiercely competitive global marketplace with disruptive innovations; constantly improving technology, and ever-changing consumer demands.

Implementing Change Through Innovation And Teamwork
By John Runne, President BzAdvice
If innovation is the path for the company, it must be aligned with the capabilities and strengths of both the executive staff and employees. The ability to conduct effective change in an organization through internal innovation is completely dependent on the openness and willingness of both the CEO and executive team. This quality goes hand in hand with the commitment and funding …

SCM3 Adjunct Professor Helio Fred Garcia’s Leadership Book Receives Global Acclaim
For the NYU-SCPS Strategic Communication, Marketing, and Media Management (SCM3) Thought Leadership Channel
The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively (FT Press, 2012), by Helio Fred Garcia, arose out of the Strategic Communication course he teaches in NYU-SCPS M.S. Degree …

Your Social Media Strategy is All Wrong
Corporate Insight
Social media comes in many forms with new technology and channels emerging almost daily. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Snap Chat, YouTube, Flickr and MySpace are popular examples of different formats with each one appealing to a slightly different audience. In addition, there are thousands of unique blogs and forums appealing to a diverse set of …

What American Companies Need to Know When Expanding Their Business to Canada
For the Strategic Video Communications Channel
Deborah Weinstein, President of Strategic Objectives in Toronto, Canada, in conversation with Doug Simon at the Counselors Academy Conference, tells us how foreign companies can successfully expand their businesses into Canada. Rule #1: Know your audience and don’t use Target as an example.

Capstone Research – Best Practices: Tips for Communicating During Ukraine and Other Conflicts
For the NYU-SCPS Strategic Communication, Marketing, and Media Management (SCM3) Thought Leadership Channel
In this age of constantly flowing information through social media and other digital platforms, communicators must rapidly respond to changing on-the-ground political and perhaps combat situations. Current conflicts in Ukraine, Crimea …

The Importance of Lighting – Video Production Tips
By Sam Burrows, Videographer, Flashframe Digital Media
Do you remember campfire stories as a kid? It’s hard to think of any that weren’t meant to be heart stopping, blood curdling, scary as all heck myths or lore and the idea was to send kids back to their beds screaming, right? Do you also remember that all of these storytellers had a little help? They couldn’t tell an effective story without that one special item or tool. That tool was a …

2014 PRSA | PRIME Research Strategic Communication and Research Conference In Review
For the PR ROI Channel
PRIME Research was pleased to have more than 60 attendees for our two-day conference focusing on proving value with public relations research. With our partnership with the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), we obtained top communication executives who spoke to the importance of research …

Australia’s Most Mentioned Domestic Issues in the Media
(May 24 – May 30, 2014)
Wednesday’s 100th State of Origin clash has been described as one of the best ever games following NSW’s upset victory, taking it to the most mentioned issue in the country with over 9,500 TV mentions. A high injury toll and a controversial tackle by NSW player Josh Reynolds fuelled more media coverage after the game, the focus now on whether NSW can finally score a series win …




7 Disturbing News Media Trends & How You Can Combat Them
Free Google+ Hangout On-Air: Wednesday, June 4
The television news media continue to go from bad to worse. New disturbing trends have a huge impact on public relations, your media interactions, and the reputation and revenues of your employer. How do you do you combat these disturbing trends? How best to monitor and measure their impact on your media campaign?

The Economic Impact of Social Sharing
When it comes to consumer decision making, research by ShareThis shows that online recommendations are nearly as influential as in-person recommendations. With this in mind, brands must consider the financial implications of social sharing in order to compete successfully in a digital world where a Tweet or Facebook post can change what consumers are willing to pay.


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It’s Not Just Jill Abramson: Women Everywhere are Getting Pushed Out of Journalism
Washington Post
Sophisticated infographics, interactive storytelling, and data-crunching have become essential to online journalism. It’s part of a critical mission to keep web news profitable. And unlike many other parts of traditional newsrooms, these teams are still hiring. But they’re hiring programmers and techies, most of whom are male. Women hold just 27 percent of all computer science jobs.

US ISPs Send 1.3 Million Copyright Warnings To Customers
ZD Net
The numbers come from first report on the US’ “six strikes” copyright alert system, which launched in February 2013 and is run by the Center for Copyright Information (CCI) to tackle copyright infringement over peer-to-peer networks.




Virgin Galactic Signs Spaceflight Deal With US Authority
The agreement with US authorities outlines how the FAA’s air traffic control centre in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the state’s Spaceport Authority, will work with Virgin Galactic to make sure there is safe airspace for Virgin Galactic’s space plane, the SpaceShipTwo. The firm hopes to launch its first flight by the end of 2014.

GlaxoSmithKline Invites Bidders For Old Drugs
Telegraph UK
The British drug giant has invited Advent International, Blackstone, KKR and others to make offers for parts of its so-called established products portfolio.

Dish To Become Largest Company to Accept Bitcoin
The satellite TV company says it will begin accepting the digital coins through payment processor Coinbase by September. Coinbase will instantly convert the bitcoins into cash, eliminating the risk of price fluctuations to Dish. The company’s CEO, Bernie Han, says the idea came from company employees who had become avid bitcoin users.

Alibaba And China’s Shipping Problem
Difficulties of logistics in China aren’t confined to the shipping companies. The infrastructure the companies rely on to transport their goods is still uneven-the highway system isn’t nearly as extensive as in the U.S., and it peters out in the country’s rural reaches, while the rail system still focuses more on passengers than on freight. Many rural residents don’t have formal addresses. And the country is woefully short of warehouse space.




Is This The Cigarette Of The Future, And Will The FDA Let You Buy It?
Philip Morris International has spent $650 million in the past three years – and is ramping up spending by $100 million a year – to launch a volley of next-generation cigarettes at a market of smokers who have thus far mostly taken a pass on e-cigarettes.

How the World Consumes Media-in Charts and Maps
The Atlantic
A map of TV and mobile-phone usage looks like a 50-year history of the growth of the global middle class.

Social Media Lessons From Successful Marketing Campaigns Around the World
Marketing Profs
Social media marketing has become more expensive with Facebook and Twitter monetizing every aspect of the game, but it has also started showing some great results. For example, the Oscar Selfie sponsored by Samsung became the most retweeted picture ever, catapulting Samsung’s brand visibility to an all-time high.




#LenovoGate: Laptop Maker Faces Its Worst-Ever Canadian PR Disaster
Huffington Post
Lenovo is facing easily its worst public-relations disaster in Canada since the company bought IBM’s laptop business nearly a decade ago. Canadian Lenovo customers who ordered an IdeaPad laptop during an online “door crasher” event last Friday were surprised to find the company cancelled their order – and more surprised yet that the company charged their credit card all the same.

Want Your PR Message to be Heard? Then Shut Up
In today’s socially connected world, public relations is more important than ever before. Today, a single tweet from the right Kardashian could be worth more than your entire advertising budget. Your consumers are looking up your business online, reading reviews, tweeting about products, and crowdsourcing their experience with your brand.




Mediabistro Editorial Assets Acquired By Prometheus Global Media For $8 Million
Job search/media site Mediabistro has reached an agreement to be sell its editorial properties for $8 million to Prometheus Global Media, owner of Adweek, The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. The deal will include some of Mediabistro’s popular niche media blogs including TVNewser and AgencySpy. The popular Mediabistro job board and its education business are also part of the deal.

TV Cord-Cutters Have No Regrets
Media Post
What do cord-cutters miss the most? The study says it’s TV shows that can’t be found elsewhere. Like AMC’s “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” But almost the same level of respondents — 29% — say they miss absolutely nothing.

Are Reality TV Companies Worth Hundreds of Millions of Dollars?
Hollywood Reporter
If you own a reality TV production company with a hit series on a U.S. network, chances are you’ve already sold a stake — for an eight- or nine-figure payout — to a major television conglomerate. But what are firms such as Discovery Communications and ITV Studios actually buying when they snap up mom-and-pop shops that don’t own format or distribution rights to the shows they produce?

The Head Of Programmiing At Fox Stepping Down
Deadline Hollywood
Kevin Reilly has already shifted a significant part of his responsibilities to COO Joe Earley. Reilly has two years remaining on his current contract, and the move comes amid a major ratings downside for the network and growing speculation during the past couple of months that he might depart after the end of the season.

The Most Complained About Ads of 2013
Marketing Week
An ad for e-cigarette brand VIP that attracted 937 complaints about its overtly sexual tone topped the list of most complained ads of last year.

Newsmax To Launch Channel With DirecTV
In its announcement, Newsmax said it is focused on serving an audience of more than 80 million disenfranchised Baby Boomers with the distribution deal.




YouTube Starts Rating U.S. ISPs’ Video-Streaming Quality
The tool is similar to Netflix’s ISP Speed Index, aimed at pushing broadband providers to support HD videos

Samsung Plans To Open Source Digital Health
The Samsung Digital Health Initiative introduced an open platform wristband reference design (the “simband”) that can track everything from heart rate to breathing and blood pressure. Using an open software architecture, the reference design can be used to aggregate data from a range of inputs to show on the wristband. The initiative is being pitched to consumers as a way to control their health.

Salesforce And Microsoft Throw Grudges Aside, Form New Partnership
Venture Beat
The two companies announced a bevy of integrations today, including the ability to connect data from Salesforce software into Microsoft’s Excel and Power BI for Office 365 software. People will also be able to work with Office files inside of Salesforce, too.




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