Friday, February 22, 2013

 Friday, February 22, 2013



LIVE TODAY IN CHICAGO: Author Dave Kerpen, “Likeable Social Media”
Steve Lundin discusses social media mishaps and what companies can do to avoid them with Dave Kerpen
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CommPRO Wants Your Point of View
The CommPRO Team
Got something to say? A video you love. A best practice to share? Build your brand. Share your expertise. Publish on and reach the C-suite decision-makers. It’s easy: Just email your area of expertise and topic (op-eds and how-tos are the best formats).

The Return of Merger Mania?
Gene Marbach At Large
The term “merger mania” has been in and out of vogue for nearly four decades. Both the 80s and the 90s witnessed spates of major merger activity. Some were driven as a result of industry consolidation while other transactions were for financial reasons, typically led by those swashbuckling corporate raiders of yore.

3,800 to Zero
By W.T. “Bill” McKibben, Senior Counsel, The Great Lakes Group
Following the Savings & Loan Crisis a couple decades ago, roughly 3,800 bank executives were jailed. The more severe crisis we are slogging though, has for all intents and purposes, produced zero convictions, no jail time for the Wall Street executives who triggered it.

Posting a Job? 5 Ways To Get More and Better Replies
The Hiring Hub…By Marie Raperto
When you post a job online, you need to insure that you will get as many answers as possible. Percentage-wise, the majority of replies will not fit your criteria so you may need a lot of resumes to find the perfect one. Here are some tips to help you get the right resumes when you are posting a job:



Johnson & Johnson: A Front Row Seat to Sustainability in Action
By Aman Singh, CSRwire Editorial Director, for the Corporate Social Responsibility Channel
How high should the bar be when it comes to meeting the sustainability criteria of J&J’s Earthwards process? While hosting a panel last year on responsible business, a discussion ensued on the need for creating change …

What Data Can’t Do
For the PR ROI Channel
In the February 19 edition of the New York Times, columnist David Brooks shared his thoughts about “the strengths and limitations of data analysis.” In a op-ed piece entitled, “What Data Can’t Do,” Brooks lists some of the things big data handles poorly without the benefit of human insight, emotions and understanding.

Holidays in China: Communications Opportunities & Challenges
By Caroline Kilmer, PR Newswire, Asia, for the Agile Engagement Channel
With the usual cocktail of eardrum-shattering firecrackers, mass migrations, food-centric family gatherings and endless song-and-dance TV programs, Chinese New Year celebrations — which started on the evening of February 8 — are only just starting to wind down. The holiday serves as a demarcation point for both companies and individuals in China …

Digital Heaven – Or Immortal Hell? (Free Webcast)
In The Green Room With Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni , Ph.D.
Session Overview (Why Attend) Your print magazine is about to draw its last breath of ink and you’re there by its side, holding its pages and whispering everything is going to be all right. You have a plan.

Upcoming Webinar: Smart Marketing: Big Data, Personalization & Automation
Hosted by WhatCounts for the Effective Email Marketing Channel
Big Data, Personalization & Automation: Everyone’s talking about it, everyone wants to use it, but is anyone showing you how? Big data, personalization, and automation continue as mega trends in the digital marketing space.



Spin This? – Beware of NBC’s Hacked Website
After a long week of people compromising corporations’ Twitter presences-specifically here and here-some real-deal hackers have gone into NBC’s homepage and turned it into a mine field full of malware traps. According to Sucuri, a malware-monitoring service, anyone visiting and its sub-pages “will have malicious iframes loaded as well redirecting the user to exploit kits.” may look fine at first, but if you click around the page in the Chrome browser, you’ll see the following: …

Argo Screening in D.C. Deemed PR Win, ‘Canada Love-In’
The Canadian Press
A screening and reception for the Hollywood film Argo at the Canadian embassy in Washington last fall was such a hot ticket, people complained afterwards about not getting invited. The star-studded, $23,000 affair appeared to be well worth it for film execs and embassy officials, who considered the event a success both for public diplomacy and marketing purposes. Argo, which spotlights role of the CIA during the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979, heads into this weekend’s Academy Awards with 7 nominations, including best picture. But the movie has attracted criticism in some quarters for appearing to give short shrift to the role Canadians played in hiding six U.S. citizens for just over two months and helping ensure their passage out of the country. Documents obtained by The Canadian Press reveal the film company Time Warner considered the October event a “Canada love-in” which helped mitigate some of the bad press the movie had received.

Peterson’s Puppet Populists: ‘Fix the Debt’ PR Campaign
PR Watch
Fix the Debt is the most hypocritical corporate PR campaign in decades, an ambitious attempt to convince the country that another cataclysmic economic crisis is around the corner and that urgent action is needed. Its strategy is pure astroturf: assemble power players in business and government under an activist banner, then take the message outside the Beltway and give it the appearance of grassroots activism by manufacturing an emergency to infuse a sense of imminent crisis. Behind this strategy are no fewer than 127 CEOs and even more “statesmen” pushing for a “grand bargain” to draw up an austerity budget by July 4. With many firms kicking in $1 million each on top of Peterson’s $5 million in seed money, this latest incarnation of the Peterson message machine must be taken seriously. Fix the Debt has hired such powerful PR firms and lobby shops as the DCI Group, the Glover Park Group, the Dewey Square Group and Proof Integrated Communications, a unit of the PR firm Burson-Marsteller, which was the go-to firm for Big Tobacco. In the run-up to the “fiscal cliff,” these firms launched a flashy $3 million media campaign, blanketing Capitol Hill with TV, Internet, Metro and newspaper ads featuring slogans like “Got Debt?” and “Just Fix It.” Fix the Debt’s stable of CEOs are a PR flack’s dream.



Identity Crisis Confirmed as OfficeMax, Office Depot Merge
Ad Age Digital Next
Office romance takes an interesting turn with the confirmed marriage of OfficeMax and Office Depot. This consolidation is an inevitable outcome for yet another challenged retail category, but what it says about the category is concerning and what it portends for the remaining players is anything but certain.But why is this marriage necessary? These two brands were unable to remain relevant and differentiated enough to stay independent. To some extent, there was simply a marketplace contraction resulting from unprecedented economic pressure coupled with serious overcapacity and intense competition from new channels. Yet it is also the unintended result of an inability to create meaningful separation among similarly positioned competitors.

Think With Google: 2013’s Resource for Trends in Online Marketing
How do you start a blog post? If you’re like me, you begin by reading and researching. You want to create something that’s well-informed and supported by fact, so you look for that information on the Internet. Specifically, you probably go to industry leaders and market research publications. If you don’t – well, there’s my first tip for this blog post. Research your blogging content, and research it well. There are far too many blogs out there with pieces of misinformation or data from three years ago. If you want to make your blog effective for marketing what you do, you want to have good, reliable information.

Where Marketing Execs Are Spending All Those Tech Dollars
When you think of technology spending at a company, you probably assume the IT department disperses nearly all the money, with a small percentage going to departmental tech like smartphones and cloud services. But according to Laura McLellan, Gartner’s vice president of marketing strategies, 50 percent of IT spending outside of the IT budget goes through marketing departments — on top of IT’s expenditures on marketing technology. In fact, by 2016, 80 percent of marketing tech investments will come outside of IT, Gartner predicts.



Investor Einhorn Shares Plan for Apple’s Cash
USA Today
Billionaire hedge fund manager David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital unveiled his plan Thursday for Apple to issue preferred stock. He says the scheme will give shareholders more value without touching the company’s $137 billion cash hoard. Earlier this month, Einhorn filed a lawsuit against Apple, pushing the company to use part of its cash pile to issue preferred stock to investors. Einhorn’s plan involves what he calls “iPrefs,” a class of preferred stock with a value of $50 that yields an annual dividend of 4%, or $2. He says the stock would target “investors interested in safe income.”

Ex-SEC Officials to U.S. Risk Council: Back Off on Money Funds
A bipartisan group of former top officials of the Securities and Exchange Commission are urging the U.S. financial risk council to back down from its efforts to pressure the SEC into adopting new rules for the $2.6 trillion money market fund industry. In a February 20 letter to the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSCO), four former SEC chairman, five former commissioners and six former senior staffers urged the panel to “respect the jurisdiction, independence, subject-matter expertise and regulatory processes” of the agency.




Insiders Say Marissa Mayer Just Made A Major Mistake At Yahoo
A couple of weeks ago, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer promoted SVP of advertising and data platforms, Scott Burke. Mayer put Burke in charge of all advertising technology at Yahoo. She also elevated him to her senior staff, where he will report directly to her. After Kara Swisher of All Things D broke the news, we reached out to a number of Burke’s former colleagues, ex-Yahoos still in the industry. Most of the people we talked to believe Mayer made a mistake, though one applauded the hire. First, the naysayers…

After Revolting Over Pandit’s $15M Citi Gives New CEO $11.5M
There’s a chance doesn’t care very much. He did, after all, make hundreds of millions during his tenure at Citi including $165 million for the sale of his hedge fund to the bank. But even after all those millions of dollars in pay Pandit left Citi a failure. He was ousted last fall suddenly amid dreadful performance as shares of the bank fell 90% under his watch. The bank failed the Fed’s famed stress test–an embarrassing moment for the big bank which received tens of billion in federal bailout funds. The last straw came when Pandit asked for a $15 million pay package for 2011.

What Can Employees Do to Help Their Company During a PR Crisis?
The Latin maxim primum non nocere (translated as “first, do no harm”), a central tenet of medical ethics since antiquity, is equally applicable to employee communications during a public relations crisis. I asked Deborah Fiorito, President of 20K group and a communications professional with 30 years of corporate and agency public relations experience, to talk about what employees can do to help their company during a PR crisis and this is what she had to say:




ESPN Is Now Targeting You Via Online Radio: New Technology Looks to Fill ‘Huge Hole’ in the Radio Industry
As part of a companywide effort to up its digital ad game, ESPN is looking to innovate in an area often shunned by tech advancements: radio. For the sports giant, the online radio and podcasting arms of the business are surprisingly robust. The ESPN Radio mobile app has registered over 3 million downloads while popular podcast titles like Bill Simmons’ B.S. Report have attracted tens of millions of downloads over the years. To take advantage of this audience, ESPN digital audio is unveiling a dynamic cloud-based ad insertion program with the hope of targeting listeners by device, location, age and gender in real time across live national broadcasts.

New Gay Marriage Ad Won’t Use Laura Bush
A pro-gay marriage group is “sorry” Laura Bush asked to be removed from a television ad campaign that launched this week, and is releasing a new ad this weekend to replace it. In a statement, the Respect for Marriage Coalition said it was moving on “to new and different voices.”

Nielsen Adjusts Its Ratings to Add Web-Linked TVs
New York Times
For media executives, there may be nothing worse than a viewer or listener who is not counted. On Thursday, in a move that might help ease those concerns, Nielsen said that it would start considering Americans who have spurned cable, but who have a television set hooked up to the Internet, as “television households,” potentially adding to the sample of homes that are rated by the company, the standard for television ratings. In front of skeptical network officials, the company pledged to measure TV viewership on iPads and other mobile devices in the future.Those executives have a gnawing feeling that their consumers are being missed more and more often. As new pipelines open up for viewers and listeners through social media, mobile apps and game consoles, advertisers fret that they don’t know how many people are really seeing their ads, television networks fear they’re not getting credit for getting those people to tune in and record companies wonder how they can keep up with all the ways their customers consume music.




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