Friday, Dec 6, 2013: Unilever’s Marketing Dilemma; Bitcoin – No Future in China; Hot Pink the Color of 2014?; PR & Native Advertising

 Friday, December 06, 2013




Managing Expectations As Winter Storms Approach: 12 Things You Should Be Prepared to Do
By Gerard Braud
Crisis Communications and a working Crisis Communication Plan as well as good media training skills will be critical in the next few days as bad weather moves across the United States.Before the weather gets to you, now is the time to begin managing the expectations of your customers and employees.

Is There a Correlation Between the Lackluster Black Friday Sales and Display Ad Buying Patterns?
By Michael Froggatt, Principal Analyst at DG MediaMind
In order to make sense of this year’s lackluster Black Friday results, at least according to the National Retail Federation (NRF), we looked at DG’s Peer39 data around the Thanksgiving holiday for both this and last year. We wanted to analyze ads before, during and after the holiday to identify any patterns of advertisers …

Ian Scott: This is the Reason Bauer Media Group Continues to Publish Print Weeklies
The Mr. Magazine™ Interview
The birth of a new product, any product, was, is and will continue to be an event to celebrate… except when it comes to magazines. Rather than celebrating the launch of a new print weekly, in this case Closer weekly, from Bauer Media Group, media critics and pundits started writing the magazine’s obituary rather …

6 Ways to Use Social Media Intelligence
By Heather Bartel, Director of Marketing & Communications, evolve24
Social media represents the largest source of consumer data in the history of the world. People actively and willingly go online to share their passions, concerns and opinions. And with the right research partner, you can extract golden nuggets of information from this gold mine of consumer insights otherwise known as Social Media Intelligence. Here are six ways you can use SMi …

The Creative Minds of Tomorrow Speak
Vote for Your Favorite Logo & Ad – Designed by Baruch College Students
My Park Bench Marketing Group at Baruch College was asked to submit their ideas for a new company logo and digital ad. Choose your favorite logo and your favorite ad. We’ll report the winners next week here on -Michael Lissauer, CEO, Park Bench Marketing Group.




PR and the Future of Native Advertising
By Mark Weiner, CEO PRIME Research: For the PR ROI Channel
One of the most hotly discussed communications trends of 2013 has been “native advertising” or branded content. And for good reason-according to BIA/ Kelsey, native social advertising is expected to reach $4.6 billion in 2017, up from $1.6 billion in 2012. Still, differentiating branded content from journalism is becoming an increasingly difficult task, even for savvy consumers, which can …

Brittany Luse Joins PRIME Research as Marketing Manager
For the PR ROI Channel
PRIME Research is pleased to announce the addition of Brittany Luse as Marketing Manager. Working from the New York office, Luse will manage PRIME’s external as well as internal messaging as the Germany-based company’s presence continues to grow throughout the Americas.”Brittany joins PRIME at a time of substantial growth,” said Mark Weiner, CEO of PRIME Research …

Driving Discovery of Your Organization’s Story
For the Agile Engagement Channel
Late last month, PR Newswire hosted a free webinar: Driving Discovery of Your Organization’s Story. The webinar was led by Sarah Skerik (@sarahskerik), vice president of content marketing at PR Newswire. Skerik’s discussion centered around these four topics: 1) evolution of media; 2) subsequent changes in audience behavior; 3) conversational search and the social media connection …




Do They Trust You? Takeaways from evolve24’s Coke vs. Pepsi Trust Study
Free Google+ Hangout: Tuesday, December 10
It’s one thing to have customers who “like” or “follow” you, but the bigger question you should be asking is whether or not they TRUST you. Trust offers your business benefits such as increased customer conversion, increased brand loyalty and a healthier bottom line. Trust between your brand and the market …

Citizen Journalism: How Breaking News Got Broken
Free Webinar: Thursday, December 12
These days, news breaks first on Twitter, websites, and blogs. …radio, TV, and print rarely exist in real-time. With everyday citizens running around with gadgets and the ability to share video snippets or pictures with the world, we all have the ability to create and publish news. We don’t need the media to cover our stories; today everyone has a press pass. Join award-winning news director, PR pro …



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China to Expel New York Times, Bloomberg Journalists: Reports
Global Post
The English-speaking world’s newspaper of record may be on the verge of getting kicked out of China, in an unprecedented crackdown by Communist Party authorities against foreign news organizations. According to Ian Denis Johnson, a New York Times contributor in China, some 24 correspondents for the paper face ejection from the People’s Republic starting Dec. 17…

ALEC Is Not Where Visa Wants to Be
PR Watch
Financial services company Visa has dropped its membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), providing further evidence of ALEC’s dwindling membership in the wake of a major expose by The Guardian. Visa (whose slogan is “everywhere you want to be”) made the announcement to Boston Common Asset Management, which had been engaging with Visa over the past year on lobbying disclosure.

Apple Said to Ink Deal With China Mobile, Adding 760 Million Potential iPhone Customers
The Register
Apple has reportedly signed a deal with the world’s largest mobile phone service provider, China Mobile, although a conflicting report says that the telco giant is “still negotiating” with Cupertino. The original report comes from The Wall Street Journal, citing that ever-loquacious “person familiar with the situation.”

Get Ready for Hot-Pink Coffee Makers!
Pantone, the company that considers itself the authority on colors in consumer trends, announced Thursday that the color of 2014 is …. radiant orchid! For those who don’t know what radiant orchid is, Pantone describes it as a captivating, magical and enigmatic purple. So get ready to see store shelves stocked with everything from hot-pink kitchen appliances to lipstick and sneakers in the new year.




China Bans Banks From Using Bitcoin
PC Magazine
China has banned its banks from using bitcoins as currency in an effort to prevent money laundering and maintain financial stability. The People’s Bank of China and four other government agencies today issued a notice warning the country’s residents of the dangers of using bitcoin. An open-source P2P digital currency, bitcoin operates with no central bank or authority.

Ford’s Mulally Not Leaving Company, Board Director Says
Ford Motor Co. (F:US) Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally will stay at the automaker through 2014, Director Edsel Ford II said today, reiterating the company’s timetable. Mulally said he loves serving the automaker. Mulally, considered one of the leading candidates to take the CEO job at Microsoft Corp. (MSFT:US) when Steve Ballmer steps down, said in a Bloomberg Television interview that he preferred to talk about the sporty…

Unilever Plans To Cut 800 Marketers As It Slashes Agency Fees, Products
Ad Age Digital Next
If there was a single theme at Unilever’s investor seminar in London today it was cuts. The company will slash marketing headcount by 12% globally, or more than 800, mostly in regional operations such as the U.S. It’s also cutting the number of product varieties it sells by 30% and will continue to trim agency and commercial production fees, company executives said.




Once Upon An Infographic…
A Psychology Professor needed a creative approach to capture the attention of some visibly bored people who had been forced to attend her class by their boss. It was clear from the minute she entered that none of them were interested, with some reading newspapers and magazines hardly acknowledging her presence. So, she cleared her throat and said in a strong voice, “Let me tell you a story.” They all looked up, attentive, wanting to hear the story.

AT&T’s New Plans Show Competition Works
PC Magazine
AT&T is finally starting to edge out of the phone subsidy scam, and we have T-Mobile to thank for it. For many years, carriers would charge the same monthly rate whether you were paying off a subsidized phone or not – if they weren’t recouping the subsidy, they’d just reap extra profit. With AT&T’s new Mobile Share Value plans, that’s over, to some extent.




Police in China Target PR Firms in Crackdown on Illegal Removal of Online Posts
South China Morning Post
Police in China shut down six public relations companies and detained dozens of suspects in a recent crackdown on businesses deleting online posts, state media reported on Thursday. The case involving Beijing IWOM, one of the six companies, is believed to be the largest of its kind in China, with the money involved at over 10 million yuan, said the state-owned newspaper People’s Daily.

PR Twitter Classroom, Social Media and Academic Freedom
Huffington Post
Public relations students from across the country organized and participated this week in a live chat on Twitter that included faculty and PR professionals. While most of the conversation featured best practices of PR writing, as evidenced by this #PRSSA Storify, the expansion of the classroom into international and public space raises important issues.




Twitter Rolls Out Cookie-Based Ad Targeting Web Browsing
The Globe and Mail
Twitter Inc. will begin showing ads to users based on their browsing history, it said on Thursday, becoming the latest Internet company to employ the controversial but increasingly widespread tracking technology. Twitter’s new advertising feature allows marketers to use cookies — small files planted in Web surfers’ computers that contain bits of information about which sites they have visited or where they are logging in from — to display highly targeted Twitter ads.

Twitter Looks to Boost Advertising Revenue With Retargeting Ads
The Los Angeles Times
In a major step in building up its advertising business, Twitter will begin showing ads to users based on their Web browsing history, the company said Thursday.Twitter is following the example of Facebook, Google, Amazon and other companies which have profited handsomely from the controversial but effective form of ad targeting.

FTC Explores Risks Of Native Deception, Need For Labeling
Media Post
Companies that run “native advertising,” or ads that mimic editorial material, run the risk of misleading consumers, Federal Trade Commissioner Edith Ramirez said Wednesday at a daylong conference about the subject. “By presenting ads that resemble editorial content, an advertiser risks implying, deceptively, that the information comes from a nonbiased source,” Ramirez said in her introductory address.




Google Now Lets Users Download Copies of Gmail, Calendar Data
ZD Net
Google is opening up the archives to its users, making it easier for them to search and find emails and calendar events from years past. Users of both services will be able to export a copy of Gmail and Google Calendar data for both backups and moving the data to other platforms. In a blog post on Thursday, Google software engineer Nick Piepmeier hinted at a more personal, maybe even emotional, strategy reminiscent of those teary-eyed commercials Google has produced in the past.

New USB Plug Coming: Good News, Bad News
ZD Net
A new USB plug is coming and the impact is a bit of a mixed bag. The good news is that the new USB plug will be reversible so you won’t have to fiddle around with it like you do today. The bad news is that the new USB won’t be compatible with existing connectors. Cue up the extra ports and time to phase out existing hardware. According to the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, an organization that proposes standards and thinks about things like USB ports, work on USB 3.1 has begun.




The Rise and Fall of Sony, Panasonic, and Sharp and How to Survive Digital Darwinism
Brian Solis

Couric & Yahoo: Desperation or Inspiration?


Holiday Reading For The Geek In You
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Business Wire Event Recap “Meet the Biotechnology Media”
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Social Media Metrics: At Least Measure Something
Heidi Cohen: Actionable Marketing Expert

8 People That Dramatically Impacted My Life in 2013
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