Friday, April 19, 2013…Special Issue: Reflections on Recent Crises

 Friday, April 19, 2013



Reflections on Recent Crises
By Deborah Radman, APR, Editorial Director,
Amid the heartbreak of every tragedy we always hear, “No one ever thought it would happen here.” The “never happen here” attitude creates huge problems, leaving schools, businesses, communities, and companies unprepared — whether it is a tragic shooting, a terrorist’s dirty bomb, a deadly chemical-laced envelope, a crippled cruise line, plane crash, a rogue country threatening war, …

Crisis Communication for West Texas Fertilizer Plant in Waco: Why PIOs, Emergency Managers and PR People Should be Using CNN iReports
By Gerard Braud
As I write this article, the media are reporting on the crisis in Waco, Texas at the West Texas Fertilizer Plant, which blew up. In a news conference I’m watching on television, the Sheriff is admonishing the media that he has received their request to take video at the scene, but that he cannot yet accommodate them.

Crisis Communications — The Golden Hour
By Patty Briguglio, CEO, MMI Public Relations
When a crisis hits — and believe me, they always do — if one of my clients is in the eye of the storm, I have three critical rules for them to follow: Tell it all. Tell it fast.Tell the truth. These cardinal rules not only protect my clients from the firestorm that inevitably results when information is hidden, twisted or withheld, but they protect and preserve the relationships that are critical to …

Important Crisis Communications Lessons From Carnival Cruise Lines’ ‘Ship of Fools’
By Steven Fink, President and CEO, Lexicon Communications Corp.
Carnival Cruise Lines is once again in hot water, pun intended, and it appears the seemingly accursed company and its management team have learned little from last year’s Costa Concordia tragedy, and the four more recent crises that struck the beleaguered cruise line in the past few weeks. …

Crisis Response Leadership: Will Leaders and Companies Ever Learn From Their Mistakes?
By James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA
Among the most frequent questions I get when speaking to groups or talking to clients, and especially to victims and survivors, are: “Why do companies and their leadership continue to make the very same mistakes time and time again?” “Don’t they read the papers?” “Don’t they watch the news?” …



The Sandy Hook Tragedy: Effective Communications in Critical Times (Teleseminar Recording)
In the Green Room With Gerard Braud
Amid the heartbreak of every tragic shooting we always hear, “No one every thought it would happen here.” The “never happen here” attitude creates huge problems, leaving schools, businesses and communities unprepared — whether it is a tragic shooting at a school, a theater, a mall or your workplace.

5 Things You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do in a Crisis
For the Agile Engagement Channel
You walked in to work this morning, coffee in hand, ready to take on another week. But your colleagues are doing (what look like) sprints, papers are flying and your Blackberry’s buzzing like a chainsaw. You know it’s bad. All signs are pointing to a corporate crisis. Now’s not the time to lay blame. And until time travel’s perfected, it’s up to you — the PR pro — to help your organization weather the storm.

Are your Prepared for an Online Crisis? Burger King Wasn’t
For the Digital PR Channel
This is number four in a series of articles about 10 actions that should be on your 2013 Digital PR plan. Back in 2011 when Burson Marstellar did their Digital Crisis Preparedness survey they found that 79% of global business leaders expected a major crisis within 12 months, but only half (54%) had a plan and 47% of those with a plan felt it had gaps and was not adequate. That’s a lot of uncertainty …

PR, Crisis Comm & CSR by PR News
For the Corporate Social Responsibility Channel
How do you communicate when the news is hard to discuss? In the wake of crisis events, such as the recent Boston Bombing, what are some appropriate ways to get news out? In the coming weeks, we’re sure to see an outpouring of companies participating in philanthropic activities around the tragic event that took place in Boston, April 15, 2013. We know from crisis communication …



Ann Curry Described Final Months at ‘Today’ as ‘Torture’: Producers Called Plot to Oust Her ‘Operation Bambi’
NY Daily News
Ann Curry described her final months at ‘Today’ as ‘professional torture.’ Colleagues reportedly mocked this yellow dress, comparing her to Big Bird on ‘Sesame Street.’ Ann Curry’s ouster from “Today” was no picnic, but, according to an excerpt from Brian Stelter’s new book on the morning show wars, the public firing was only a portion of the humiliations the former talk show host suffered at the hands of her colleagues. Executive producer Jim Bell even named the plot to oust Curry, 56, from her hosting spot of less than a year “Operation Bambi” after a friend told him firing the journalist would be like “killing Bambi.”

How to Beat the Gun Lobby
The Nation
The Senate’s defeat of common sense gun reforms made Wednesday a dark day-for sensible legislation, and for American democracy. The failure of an already-watered down background check compromise (55 senators backed reform; 45 sided with the NRA) revealed stunning political cowardice. And it illuminated once again the ugly fault lines of our corroded democracy-from the power of special and moneyed interests, to the stranglehold of small state bias (consider North Dakota, whose Democratic and Republican senators both sided with the NRA: the state gets one-fiftieth of our senators, despite having just over one five-hundredth of our population).

Publicity Stunt?: Saga of President Xi Jinping’s Beijing Taxi Trip Reaches a Dead End
China Daily
A Hong Kong newspaper report that President Xi Jinping took a taxi ride across Beijing became the hottest topic on the mainland after it was verified by Xinhua – only to be denied later by the state-run news agency. The initial report in the pro-Beijing Ta Kung Pao – which devoted a prominent full page to the story, as well as a webpage with interactive graphics – described the trip as weifu sifang, a term used to describe Chinese emperors’ secret excursions to experience public life. It caused a buzz across mainland social media and a Xinhua microblog said it had verified the report with traffic authorities.



Haagen-Dazs(R) Brand Captures The Essence Of ‘La Dolce Vita’ With Integrated Marketing Campaign For New Haagen-Dazs Gelato
The Wall Street Journal
Beginning Thursday, the Haagen-Dazs brand will formally introduce seven irresistible flavors of gelato — Stracciatella, Sea Salt Caramel, Dark Chocolate Chip, Limoncello, Black Cherry Amaretto, Vanilla Bean and Cappuccino — to consumers in the United States through an integrated marketing communications campaign that showcases the craftsmanship and richness of Italy, the decadence of gelato and the mystique of ‘La Dolce Vita’ — the sweet life.

It’s Official: ‘Dexter’ Confirmed for Final Season
Hollywood Reporter
After months of uncertainty over the fate of one of its top dramas, the first actual footage of season eight confirms the news as Showtime begins marketing the series with the “final season” tagline. Showtime is making it official: Dexter’s upcoming eighth season will be its last.

Yahoo Launches New Weather, Email Apps in its ‘Second Sprint’ of Rebuilding
PC World
Yahoo has released two new mobile apps, for weather and email, suggesting the company may be on track toward delivering on its promise of offering users a range of new mobile products over the next several months. The company, formerly one of Silicon Valley’s most esteemed tech players, has been under pressure in recent years to demonstrate its value to users as more people have migrated to mobile devices, social apps and social networks.

Pinterest: What B2B Social Media Marketers are Doing Wrong
If you read Marketing Director Vanessa’s blog “3 Ways to Expand Your B2C Inbound Marketing Reach with Pinterest,” you already know creating a Pinterest account can increase the number of potential customers your brand reaches. Now that Pinterest has introduced its business accounts, more and more B2B companies are joining the Pinterest party, and for them, it’s important to not only join, but to set their brands apart.

Happy Burger Week!: Shake Shack to Open in Las Vegas in Early 2014
Eater National
Happy Burger Week, Las Vegas, you’re getting a Shake Shack. MGM Resorts has announced plans for a Shack as part of a new development they’re building between New York-New York and Monte Carlo resorts, an outdoor park area with restaurants and coffeeshops that lead up to a brand-new, 20,000 seat arena. Shake Shack previously denied they had any plans to build on the Strip after Eater Vegas reported rumors they were building a restaurant with Caesars Entertainment.



Here’s How Fox Could Make Billions By Ditching Broadcasting
Throughout the television industry, News Corp. COO Chase Carey’s threat to pull the Fox network off the broadcast airwaves unless it wins its lawsuit against Aereo was greeted by a healthy amount of skepticism. Why would a network voluntarily give up invaluable spectrum and distribution that could cost it hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising revenues? The answer: because, in doing so, it could potentially make good those losses several times over.

Google Now Has $50 Billion in Cash for Acquisitions and Investment
Next time you wonder how Google can afford to buy dozens of startups every year, consider just how much money it has on hand. The search giant’s cash pile grew to just more than $50 billion in the March quarter, up from $48.1 billion at the end of 2012, the company revealed in its first quarter earnings report on Thursday. That’s still less than half as much cash as Apple has, but it will likely serve as a powerful resource for Google to continue buying up technology and top talent from companies, as well as investing in so-called “moonshot” projects.

Microsoft CFO to Leave; Profit, Shares Rise
Microsoft Corp Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein is leaving at the end of June after 3-1/2 years in the post, as the world’s biggest software company struggles with sharply declining personal computer sales and a lukewarm reception for the new Windows 8 operating system. The 11-year Microsoft veteran becomes the latest in a line of top-level executives to leave the company, following Windows head Steven Sinofsky last November.

Chinese Banks Top Forbes Global 2000 List of World’s Biggest Companies
The Guardian UK
For the first time, two Chinese firms have topped Forbes magazine’s annual poll of the world’s largest companies. The Chinese bank ICBC ousted Exxon Mobil as the world’s biggest company, according to the magazine’s 10th annual ranking of the world’s top 2,000 firms. China Construction Bank bumped JP Morgan out of the second spot. The US had a total of 543 members in the list this year, 19 more firms than last year and the highest total since 2009. Japan had the second highest number of companies in the list, 251, followed by China with 136. For the first time since 2004, when the list was first published, China did not increase its number of Global 2000 companies.

Motorola’s $271M Q1 Loss Drags on Google’s Results
Google’s Motorola business continues to struggle in the competitive mobile market, posting a loss of $271 million in the first quarter and hurting results at its parent company. Excluding items, Motorola lost $179 million. In the year-ago period, Motorola’s last report as an independent company, the mobile-devices and TV set-top box manufacturer posted a loss of $86 million. In the fourth quarter of 2012, Motorola’s loss totaled $353 million.




Twitter Drops Music App, Amps Up Media Ambitions Positions Social Platform to Leapfrog Pandora for Mobile Ad Revenue
Like a new album, Twitter Music leaked early with a CNET report that the social platform had signed (acquired) music discovery service We Are Hunted. Then last week word began to spread from artists and Ryan Seacrest who snuck a prerelease listen, and this morning the album (site and app) dropped. Available at and as an iPhone app, Twitter Music (or #music, as Twitter is referring to it) pulls preview tracks from iTunes and full songs from streaming services Spotify and Rdio, if users connect their accounts, and makes them available for listening in a super slick player that’s aimed as much at active discovery as passive listening.

Online Display Ad Spending Up 10% in 2012, Nielsen Report Reveals
Display Internet advertising globally rose 9.9% last year, fueled by a 21.2% gain in Latin America. Display Internet spending, however, made up just 1.9% of total ad spending in 2012. At the other extreme, TV claimed almost two-thirds of ad dollars. The results are per Nielsen’s latest Global AdView Pulse report.

Alcohol Advertising in Sports Under Fire for ‘Grooming Child Drinkers’
Doctors in Ireland are demanding a ban on alcohol sponsorship of sporting events, warning the beverage alcohol industry is “grooming child drinkers.” Sporting bodies are “very much in the alcohol industry’s pocket,” a communications regulatory committee was told April 17 by representatives of the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland (CPI). The proposed ban is similar to smoking advertising bans in the United States, which forced a sponsorship change for NASCAR’s top racing series from the Winston Cup to the Sprint Cup.

Wall Street Journal Consolidates Its Blogging with MoneyBeat
Editor and Publisher
At a time when every major news organization seems to be adding verticals, building out blogs, and creating sub-brands, The Wall Street Journal is hoping there’s merit in consolidation. The Journal debuted its new blog MoneyBeat, this week on But MoneyBeat is more of a rebuild than an entirely new product, as it brings together a number of other Journal properties, including two of the paper’s oldest blog, Deal Journal and Market Beat.




36 Hours in Cannes, France
New York Times
With its marinas full of white megayachts and waterfront streets abuzz with Ferraris and Mercedeses, the glittery French Riviera resort at first gives off the rarefied vibe of a town where huffing around on foot must surely offend local mores and offer glaring proof of D-List status. But footwear gets plenty of use in Cannes, and not only by the stars who traipse down the red carpet during the annual Cannes International Film Festival in May.

All You Can’t Eat, Pigs Will
The Los Angeles Times
With a satisfied grin, farmer Bob Combs watches the big truck slowly dump its greasy load, a Niagara Falls of yesterday’s kitchen leftovers that sends off a sickening spray as it splashes into a metal bin.The greenish-brown concoction – with hot dogs, corn, bright-orange carrots and bits of lobster bubbling to its surface – is ready to start a new culinary chapter. Just 24 hours earlier, these food scraps, albeit in decidedly more appetizing form, were served up to customers at lavish all-you-can-eat buffets on and off the Strip.

Dogs Who Know How to Shake It
Portland-based photographer Carli Davidson’s series “Shake” was originally inspired by her 8-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux, Norbert, who is an “epic shaker.” In 2011, she photographed her first dog “mid-shake” in her studio with its features scrunched and water droplets suspended in the air. “The first time I uploaded the photos, I knew I had to keep shooting and creating a body of work, it was just so fun,” Davidson said.

Jamie Oliver Shows Off His New Bespoke Toilets
Eater National
Chef/restaurateur Jamie Oliver’s London restaurant Fifteen is currently closed for renovations, which include adding custom-crafted toilets. Oliver HYPERLINK “”posted a picture of one of his “bespoke” toilets to Instagram, and here’s his writeup that explains it all: So my first restaurant FIFTEEN is closed for a big refurbishment exciting, but look what arrived today !! Our own cast iron FIFTEEN toilet system !!! Woop woooop this is when you know you’ve gone crazy when this kinda thing makes you happy !! I’m really happy ?!




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