FREE THE PRESS – Book Excerpt


In his new book, veteran investigative journalist Brian J. Karem sounds the alarm about a dying free press and shows how to revive it.

CommPRO Editorial Staff

While the phrase “fake news” may be a recent phenomenon, the relationship between journalists and the politicians they cover has been on a course for disaster for decades. From Richard Nixon’s disdain for the press to Donald Trump’s claims that reporters are the “enemy of the people,” animosity between press and presidency has reached a fever pitch. In FREE THE PRESS: THE DEATH OF AMERICAN JOURNALISM AND HOW TO REVIVE IT (Prometheus Books, Foreword by Sam Donaldson, January 15, 2022, hardcover), award-winning veteran investigative reporter Brian J. Karem reveals how journalism—and the free speech it relies on—became so endangered and offers a plan for rescuing it. 

An acclaimed journalist who once went to jail to protect a source, Karem has seen firsthand the decimation of the U.S. media and warns that democracy itself may become a casualty if the free press isn’t restored. While he has been breaking news for nearly four decades, Karem became a viral sensation after he asked Trump if he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power following the 2020 election. In 2019 he had his press pass suspended after he tangled with Trump aide Sebastian Gorka in the Rose Garden. He successfully sued to have his credentials reinstated. 

Click here to read the Introduction to FREE THE PRESS: THE DEATH OF AMERICAN JOURNALISM AND HOW TO REVIVE IT, courtesy of Prometheus Books.