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From Beyond PR

 By Meryl Serouya, PR Newswire

The terms “social networks” and “social media” make it easy to forget that people – more than a billion of them worldwide – are the means by which conversations propagate and ideas spread.  Smart communicators factor the human element into the communications plans they develop and the content they create.

Every group of people, whether you’re talking about an informal cluster or people conversing via hashtags on Twitter, a private group on Facebook or a coffee klatch at a local café, has its own influencers.  Respected and quoted by many, influencers are the members of the community who sway opinions through a combination of personal expertise and social connectedness that put them at the center (and often at the start of) many conversations.  Influencers exist for every imaginable topic.  They might be hobbyists, academics, journalists, professionals, or simply the person next door.  Each brings a unique point of view to a conversation, and developing relationships with them is important for brands building a connected digital presence.

We invited you –the industry experts – to pen a chapter and share your thoughts, ideas and best practices on the topic of social media influence.  The result:  a comprehensive eBook called “The Practitioner’s Guide to Social Influencer Engagement, A collaborative work of industry peers,” which delves into the different kinds of influencers you’ll find, their role in shaping online conversation and how brands and organizations can build valuable relationships with key influencers within their markets and as well as become influential themselves.

Read “The Practitioner’s Guide to Social Influencer Engagement” and thank you to all of our contributing authors!

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