In Celebration of Harold Burson’s 96th Birthday


Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions talks with Burson-Marsteller’s Founding Chairman Harold Burson on his induction into the prestigious PR News Hall of Fame.

More from Harold Burson:

“Being honored by PR News is a great thrill for me. It was a sort of sentimental trip back into the early days of the field because one of the first people I met in public relations who was influential was one of the founders of PR News, Denny Grizwold, who was a very dominant person (in the PR industry) for thirty years or so.”

“I still respect PR News. I think it does a lot of worthwhile job of informing the profession of what’s going on and keeping in touch with the field. I value very highly the fact that they have put me in their hall of fame and I thank them for it.”

“One of the things through the years Burson-Marsteller has really sold on is we were hiring people who really knew the business. They really knew construction, the caliber business and electronic business.”

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