Jobs: 5 Ways To Find Unposted Jobs

Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

How do you find unposted jobs?  Those jobs that others get, the ‘hidden’ job market.  There are many jobs that never make it to an online posting.

According to PayScale here are some ways to fine them:

Network – Start to take networking seriously.  Start making new contacts and renewing and strengthening others.

Know What You Want – You must be specific about the job you want.  You can’t tell contacts you want a new job.  You must tell them what you want and your goals.

Cold Contacts – Craft a well-written email.  Cold emails can lead to interviews.  Remember to keep your emails concise and to the point.  Target the companies where you would like to work and the people in charge of the area of interest.  Introduce yourself.

Use Google Alerts – Sign up for alerts on the companies where you would like to work.  Are they moving or opening up a new office?    Stay on top of what’s going on.  Timing is everything.

Practice Your Elevator Speech – You want a quick professional pitch when you only have a minute or two to make a point.