FanChain Aims to Bring Crypto Mainstream


CommPRO Editorial Staff

SportsCastr, the live-streaming platform that lets anyone become a sports color commentator, announced the launch of FanChain. Under development since last year, FanChain includes a cryptocurrency (the “FANZ” token) that lets sports fans earn and redeem tokens, and provides tools to teams, leagues and media companies that enable them to integrate a blockchain solution built specifically for the sports industry.

On SportsCastr, viewers can now send broadcasters virtual gifts and tips which can then be redeemed for FANZ tokens. This allows broadcasters to directly reward their favorite fans and athletes who live-stream on the platform. SportsCastr also now features an integrated blockchain-powered FANZ wallet, a standalone version of which is available at

“The rise of digital-first distribution platforms, social networking, live video and blockchain technology have all converged to pave the way for SportsCastr to thrive,” said Kevin April, CEO of SportsCastr. “With the launch of FanChain, anyone can use SportsCastr to not only connect with a global network of like-minded sports fans, but to enter a new digital economy.”

The FanChain token leverages a combination of fungible and non-fungible characteristics that enables team loyalty to be embedded within individual tokens, which can be produced and transmitted across multiple platforms. This allows SportsCastr and other members of the FanChain ecosystem to reward fans for creating value for their favorite teams, and lets brands and organizations target and reward their most passionate fans.

Source: Blockchain Wire

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