Facebook Launches “Summer of Support”


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR 

As the initial panic from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic subsides, businesses are beginning to adjust to a new normal: a market that depends heavily on digital tools, and a new language of engagement with customers. Accordingly, Facebook announced this week that it was launching a digital marketing education initiative called the “Summer of Support.” 

Should Your Company Boycott FacebookOver six weeks, the social media platform will be hosting topical training sessions to help business owners get the most out of Facebook’s many digital marketing tools, while discussing topics such as reimagined customer service, “creative reinvention,” and the basics of going digital. Better yet, the sessions are free. 

Starting 24 June, those interested can delve into the following topics:

1.    The Changing World (June 24 – 28)

There’s little doubt that the world has taken a sharp turn this year with the coronavirus, but rapid innovation has been taking hold for years. Businesses owners need to learn how to adapt to this new, impermanent state of affairs. 

2.    Resilience (June 29 – July 5)

Every business owner has experienced their fair share of setbacks, but those that thrive in the long-run are able to re-frame downturns as an opportunity to carve a new path. This second module promises to help business owners do exactly that. 

3.    Reinvention (July 6 – 12)

Sometimes, an internal re-do can help unlock a host of new opportunities. In week three, business owners will tackle the illusive issue of reinvention. 

4.    Re-Emergence (July 13 – 19)

When the threat from coronavirus is well and truly in the rear view mirror, businesses will need to formulate their strategies for their return to market. This means knowing which parts of a business should stay, and which should go. 

5.    Customers & Commerce (July 20 – 26)

A better understanding of customer-focused processes will help businesses return to the post-coronavirus as core providers to their customers. This module of the course is set to teach business owners how to be invaluable to their customers. 

6.    Community (July 27 – 31)

Successful businesses in the post-coronavirus landscape will be adept at building strong and vibrant communities. This final module of the “Summer of Support” program promises to help businesses be a core member of their communities. 

This week’s announcement from Facebook is the latest in a series of moves to take advantage of the current climate and boost public perception of the social media platform. In July 2019, Facebook was hemorrhaging users and the Cambridge Analytica scandal remained a dark cloud over the platform. In 2020, time spent by users on the platform is surging, and Facebook has been given a chance to reinvent itself as a benevolent hand-up for struggling small businesses. 

For businesses to succeed in the current climate, a robust digital marketing strategy is undoubtedly essential preparation. Facebook’s “Summer of Support” educational series is sure to be invaluable to any number of business owners, especially given that the platform itself appears to be a graduate.

RONN TOROSSIAN - HOW MANY FOLLOWERS DO YOU NEED ON INSTAGRAM TO GET PAID?About the Author: Ronn Torossian is the CEO and Founder of 5W Public Relations. 5W PR is a leading digital PR and influencer marketing agency

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