Facebook Added to Marketing Tool for Growing Social Media Following


By CommPro.biz Editorial Staff

ShoutoutPost.com has recently added Facebook to their portfolio of social media networks, to help marketers potentially grow a company’s following.

A beta verison, with Twitter and Instagram, has been live since the first quarter of this year. A “shoutout” is a post on a social media account that is given, sponsored or traded and includes text (and usually an image) provided by a third party, typically to promote another account or bring awareness to a business or personal account. Users of the social media marketing website can now add their Facebook page or profile to trade shoutouts with other users.

There are currently millions of accounts selling or giving shoutouts behind the scenes today. This is the first tool of its kind that allows shoutouts to be exchanged at no cost.

“Adding Facebook is a game-changer,” said ShoutoutPost founder Steve Ranieri. “I think Facebook will be our lead trading platform. The way it’s integrated to our site will allow Facebook marketers to easily grow their Pages and Profiles.”

ShoutoutPost has the capability to auto post and remove each trade to Facebook making posting a shoutout convenient and painless. “It’s never been easier to trade a shoutout and grow a Facebook page or profile. We’re excited to see how social media markers react to this,” Ranieri added.