External Recruiters in Your Job Search: 7 Reasons To Work With Them


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Using an external recruiter in your job search?  No, well you should be.  There are several advantages but you must know what you are dealing with as not all recruiters are created equal.  While there isn’t any guarantee a recruiter will find you your next job, they might find you the one following.  Working with a recruiter will keep your profile upfront as new opportunities come forward.

  1.  Depending on your career path and level, you should work with career specific recruiters.
  2.  Know the type of recruiting firm you are dealing with – contingency or retained.  Retained recruiters are hired to fill mid to executive level positions and they are paid regardless of the time it take to research a candidate.  Contingency recruiters are paid upon hiring and can be more aggressive.  When you start to work with a recruiter, ask if they send your resume out without your permission.  They should be checking with you before they share your resume with anyone.  Put that in your cover letter/email.
  3.  Remember, recruiters are not a job search guarantee.  Recruiters only have the jobs given to them.  But if you decided to work with a recruiter, update them whenever you have a career change.  You never know when the perfect job will present itself.
  4.  Learn about the firm.  It is perfectly acceptable to ask questions up front about their specialties, how they operate, types of clients etc.  Make sure to explain the job, sector and culture you want.
  5.  While most recruiters will not help you to write a proper resume etc., they will help you as much as possible about the job itself and the hiring process.
  6.  External recruiters will conceal the employers identity.  This is standard as they are protecting the identity of the client.  However, if you fit the profile, they should give you the name of the employer before they move forward with you.  If you are currently employed and worried an opening might be with your company, ask if the opening is with ABC corporation specifically.
  7.  Recruiters do not have the final say in hiring.  They may have input but the final decision belongs to the hiring manager.

Remember, according to ‘Forbes,’ recruiters will find you a new job 20-25% of the time.  Networking offers an 85% chance.