Executive Level Interviews: 4 Selling Points To Discuss

Interview TipsExecutive level interviews differ greatly from managerial level ones.  It’s not a matter of what you have done, it’s how you can contribute, directly or indirectly to the profitability of a company.  Communications and other creative roles are usually not seen as revenue producing but you must be able to demonstrate that you understand the company’s bottom-line and how you can add to it.  Here are some items to speak about in your interview.

1.  Financials/Money:  Talk about the company’s financials and what they are trying to accomplish.  Then mention what you have done to increase margins, minimize costs.  Have the numbers and facts at hand.  Show you understand and are not afraid of numbers.

2.  Positioning:  What have you done to help position a company or to avoid a problem?

3.  Streamlining/Cost Cutting;  As a leader, what have you done to help make processes more effective?  In times of economic stress, were you able to effect cost-cutting measures without impacting outcomes?

4.  Style:  Are you a leader that others want to work with and for?  Did you develop any programs that help bring together/educate employees?  Be prepared to give specific examples.

When interviewing for an executive position, it’s all about what you can do to help the leadership take the company into the next decade.