Examining Why Communicators Must Do More to Understand Their Key Audiences


Lumping employees into a single group  misses an opportunity for deeper analysis and better connection. Follow this guidance to pursue a more personalized, persuasive approach.


Laura L. Lemon, Ph.D.

As I continue to conduct research to better understand internal communication in various contexts, the complexities of internal communication continue to present themselves. Whether it is a government contractor, research center, university or nonprofit, internal communication is always more complex than what we assume.

In a recent conceptual piece, my co-author and I discussed the complexity that underpins employee engagement (Lemon & Macklin, 2020). Given employee engagement’s connection to internal communication, a complex perspective could also be applied to internal communication. Adopting a complex lens leads to suggestions and strategies that result in holistic solutions devoid of silos (McKie & Willis, 2012).

Grasping complexity can lead to a better understanding of internal audiences

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